Online Work: Needs Evaluation

Hi folks!

If you want to jump ahead, here is the work I’d like evaluated:

Since context is important, here’s some of my background:

I graduated with a BFA in ID in May. After graduation I worked as a designer/graphic artist at a small firm, producing digital illustrations and artwork fabrication files for some Walt Disney projects. After six months, they needed to let me go for financial reasons. Since then I’ve been doing freelance work (exhibit design and illustration). I’m looking for an industrial design position right now, either as an intern or a junior-level designer.

The above link is listed on my résumé and cover letter. It’s purpose is to get potential employers to pay attention to me, and maybe give me an interview.

Any suggestions, comments, etc?

Thanks everyone!

Hi Bob,

Here’s my initial reaction to the ID section of your folio. I get the impression that you are really selling yourself short with such a small amount of content. You devoted 4 yrs to an ID education right? I’m not getting that at all from your one page projects. I also get the impression that you are ashamed of your sketching and lack idea development. All of the pages put huge emphasis on the final product and everything else falls into the background to such a point that I’m not even bothering to look at them. These look like casual “snapshots”, not a full design portfolio. Don’t be afraid to show more of your process work. And if that’s something you lack, I would revisit those projects and put them in there!

You also need to make it more visually stimulating. I feel like I’m just looking at a picture of your cluttered work-desk. You said you were trying to get people to pay attention to you? I paid about 15 seconds of attention. If you want repeat viewings you’ll need to spice it up a little bit.

Hope that helps. Best of luck!


Hi Bob,

I graduated around the same time as you, so I’m no authority…

I’m glad I decided to open your manufacturing document, where I got the story I think Modsquad was looking for. But this should be easier for the reader to do. Till then I had no idea you actually molded the silicone in your cup project. This stuff really belongs together. Not separated by your illustration doc (although that was pretty sick, too) Maybe right up front provide a birds-eye view of all your projects, like real simple, then show each project as a chapter. Show the final product, then start at the beginning and go through the timeline, so if a project had 5 phases, go 5,1,2,3,4,5.

But that’s just what I’d do if I had your content. It’ll clearly differentiate you from the cad jockeys who leave you wondering if they’ve ever handled materials / processes. You have good stuff in there. So the reader has 15 seconds. Imagine 10 seconds tops on the summary of projects, then 5 seconds to get into the first project and realize there’s some depth there. Now the reader is hooked.


On the surface your work looks good, but as stated above, I can’t see any of it!

I want to see those ear protector side renders and adjustment sketches at full screen, not under a pile of renders! They look good too, but show us all of it. It looks although you have them all comped up on boards already?

The same applies for the hand held game system. It looks like you have some nice sketches and physical (or CAD?) models for this project too, so add value to it and show it at full screen too.

Your work looks strong visually, you just need to let it shine.