online user survey - tips needed

hi all of you

I am a design student working on a concept mobile kitchen design.
In addition to my individual user survey, i have floated an online user survey to know user needs.

This being my first attempt I have given lot of though while preparing this survey to get the data i need .

I need to know from you guys if this survey is proper ? . tips on improving user research and the existing questionnaire.

please take time out and participate in my short online survey at this link.


keep eating

Just did it.

There might be some cool learnings from the RISD Universal Kitchen project:

thank you “YO” for the link

Iam a big fan of ur work
Iam looking for more critic for my online survey from you.

Personally I think is too long, when you design a survey with 18 questions, people tends to see the last page to check how long it is. If they read 18… they leave.

What you have to do is organize by sections, lets say 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; and under each section you’ll have different questions: 1 a b c, 1 2 b c d, etc…

Keep it seriuos, you are doing research here. If people is borrowing their time, at least make it look that it has a good purpose. So I would remove all the jokes like “I’m a cave man”.

Try to set ranges of data, this way it would be easier for people to respond and for you to do the post processing. For example for age.

You should check the position of your questions. I think number 2 be before number 1.

Try not to get the people to the place you want. It looks that you already have your product and want to do the survey to find a reason. It should be the opposite.

Don’t ask only for leisure activities, instead I would ask for other activities that people do while cooking. Maybe you find something interesting not related to leisure.

Remove google.

Would you like to have affordable display system which allows control of TV, Personal Computer, appliances along with internet surfing, phone etc attached to your kitchen

This is your product right? This is like asking: Would you like to have a comfortable and affordable housing with parking, air conditioner and heating in a nice neighborhood? What are you expecting to be answered?

Don’t collect the name of the person. This information has no use for you and people is very concerned about privacy. i would not ask for the income level for the same reason. instead of that, I would ask other things (at the begining) that could give you the lead about it. For example if they own a car, television, internet access, if they travel, etc

Don’t ask for marital status. That info has no use. Instead I would try to find out how many people is living under the same roof.

Be careful how you collect your data. If you only use this online survey, you’ll only collect info from certain segment of people, and that is going to throw very partial results.

Hope it helps a little bit.

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