Online study option

Hi ,
I am rashmi from India. I am an interior designer in India , however my academic qualifications are in Bachelors of commerce. I did a short certificate course here and learned the fundamentals of design etc. This certificate is enough for me to get a job as an interior designer in india , however i am looking at specializing in design with a focus on reuse and recycling of materials in interior design. Due to the lack of “Formal” education in design i am unable to apply to any of the universities and they require me to start at the undergraduate level to gain the required credits to move to a masters program. Due to constraints of location and family, i am at this point unable to relocate to another country to start over. I am now looking at options of online study and accumulation the required credits.

What are my options in this regard?
Do programs from e-education departments of reputed school have the same weight as the campus versions ?
What are the best online options available ?

Thank you in advance for the help