Online Schools for Industrial Design Degree

Hello. I’m an active duty service member and I’ve been researching industrial design schools and what courses are required for a bachelors. I’m currently upset/confused because I’m currently enrolled at Ashford University for associates in arts with a major in business. I was told by my advisor that since they didn’t offer the degree that this would be okay to transfer over to it. I’m concerned that this may not be the case and that I might end up wasting my time going about it the wrong way. Any information would be helpful. Thanks for your time.


Not trying to complete the whole degree, trying to just start the associates portion.

Thanks for your service. I can say as someone who transferred twice that all individual transfers depends on the universities involved. Some have reciprocal agreements that allow them to easily take your completed credits- but not always. I am not familiar with Ashford - what state are you in? I might be able to point you to some good programs that would be near you.