Online Potfolio Quality?

I have noticed that a lot of companies will not accept a portfolio over 1MB I even found one that would not accept it over 100KB is it possible to get it that small?

Yes. Save all your images at 72 DPI @ 800 x 600. Basically, have a web version of your portfolio.

The upper limit of 1MB is ridiculous.
One can never have a PDF portfolio in 1MB. So what do you do, go online. But updating is a pain. PDFs are a good solution.

To help them make it easy, you could host a file (PDF) on a server and send them a link. This way you wont be cloggin their Inbox and the receiver can download it at his/her ease.

Try using Adobe InDesign. You can link to all your images and then choose the quality, downstamping, etc of those images when you export. The only difficulty I’ve had is changing the size of the page along with the images in it.

Because the text can be vector your descriptions will still be legible.

The image themselves wont be great but if they’re too stingy to buy a decent server and net connection then that’s what they’ll get…

I agree with antidesign, Indesign makes the portfolio document seemless easy to make…it also gives you so much of a uniformity so that even though you have different layouts and colors for each project it will stilll look evenly homogenous through out…also you can select any one of the adobe presets under file and it can spit out a pdf instantly which is very easy than making individual pages. ohh and i had a mammoth 54 page portfolio which it sized down to 3.7 MB…Indesign rocks…

The host and send the link method is the best IMO. You shouldn’t have a 60 meg PDF but they’ll appreciate you not sending a giant file and wasting space in their box.

If anything, send a brief teaser (1 page + resume) with a link to where the file is hosted.