online portfolio

Hey all, I have just entered the new world of interactive media. Not really sure of my new found skill I look to you, the elite, to help with some valued feedback. If anyone could take a look at this I would surely appreciate it.

Thank you very much,

I think you need to read up on interface design. Your navigation is a design problem too. Its not just about coming up with something ‘cool’ but something that makes sense, consistent throughout the site and easy to use (or learn to use.)

This is a great example of a navigation that not only works but has a meanful concept behind it:

Your work is interesting enough for me to want to know more, but the interface and hard to find background material are hurting you. For example, I looked at “Firestone” on your page. The tyres were interesting enough for me to want to see some sketching, or understand the context of the project, but when I click on the tyres (btw, not obvious that I can or would want to click on them) I get a page telling me you haven’t updated that content. Get everything up on your portfolio or you WILL lose alot of people. An employer doesn’t have time to search for your content. They will probably only spend 1-3 minutes on your page initially, so you need to toss ALL of your abilities at them from page 1 and hope that it interests them enough to delve deeper later on.

Also: Guest is totally right. The page design is confusing. I have no clues to tell me what is clickable, and what isn’t until I go search with my mouse. You have buttons spread seemingly at random all over the site. Look to pagethinker or just butt-simple sites to help you organize this.

Thanks folks, I am updating things as of this moment. thank you for your input.