Online Portfolio: Such a thing as 'too simple'?

Subject says it all. I know the general consensus is simple is better, but can you be ‘too simple’?

Using my own online portfolio as an example, Let me know what you think, all you wonderful people.

(Great site by the way - been reading these forums for almost a year, can’t say how much great advice I’ve found!)

I like the feel of it, but I wouldn’t cal it overly simple. The color often clashes with the color of the work making certain pages feel less cohesive, something I struggle with in my own site, leading me to make the interface largely neutral. Something to think about.

Thanks for the advice there. I noticed that same problem early on in the design phase, but wasn’t sure how it would turn out in the end. I’m working on a much more neutral color palette, so we’ll see how that goes. :smiley:

Can I say something?
I absolutely hate it when people use numbers instead of thumbnails, text, or anything else that could give the slightest clue of what the visitor is about to see in a portfolio. There’s no fun in this type of guess work…

I’m with you, definitely not preferred…

That’s a good point. Since I know what each page is, I guess I didn’t take that failing into consideration. I’ll replace them with thumbnails, I think. It’ll be good to add some more color! Thanks for the candor, guys.

I like the simplicity, but either your images in your portfolio section are too large, or my internet is just running slowly! I like the currency design, pretty cool. I’m with Conningham and Yo on the numbers vs thumbnails bit.

being minimal does not mean requiring the user to click 4 times to see your work. put your images upfront to hook the user without any clicks.

Definately not too simple. Engaging layout, nice font. I was suprised how fast it loaded. Some thumbnails shouldn’t slow it down very much. You may want to include a signal to scroll over to see more of each project. If you’re slow like me tha bars on the bottom and side may blend right into the border. I flipped through a few projects before I realized that I had missed several images. Nice job.