Online Portfolio: Joe Maguire Communications Designer

Portfolio and Resume posted… Please give critique still am fixing all the balance issues but its pretty much finalized just one tiny main page crop on the type fix

corfolot page



Nice work. I would tweak the type on the Speedo | Modern Gods Ad though. Its not reading as a headline for an ad.

The real problem is you writing. Too wordy. Strange gramar.

Don’t talk about what you learned. Talk about what you accomplished, what skills you used, etc. A company wants to know what you can do for them not what companies in the past have done for you.

Also, why would you talk about a site not launching in your resume. Keep all negatives out and details (like this) out of your resume. Your resume is just a brief introduction. Leave something to discuss on the interview.

You have all this web and mutlimedia skills yet your portfolio is just a pdf (which was taking so much time to load in mozilla that I didn’t wait.) Create a portfolio website that not only presents your current portfolio but shows youb understand how to create a website (including navigation and incorporating sound… maybe even video since you do that.)

You might also want to get critiques here. This group is more graphic focussed.:

Just a thought-Put your name in the pdf files. Rather than calling them resume and protfilio, you might say jtmaguir_reume or jtmaguir_portfolio

Cool stuff