Online Portfolio Copyright

Hello, I am a Graphic Designer. After working for several companies as a fulll time emploee and doing freelance work too, I’ve finally completed my online portfolio.
-The puprpose of this online portfolio is to show potential employers my experiene and creativity as a Graphic Designer and apply for possitions I am interested in.
My portfolio shows only projects I’ve created or have been involved in.

In today’s global world is essential for any Graphic Designer to show their work online.

A collegue adviced me that my current/past employer could sue me for copyright enfrigement for using their brand to promote myself.

Is my collegue right?
How am I suppose to show 500 potential employers in a cost effective way my extensive work?
A simple CV is not enough to show my work, and to print 500 copies of my portfolio it’s extremely expensive.

Is there any legend I can publish on my website to protect myself?

I am sure I am not the only one that have this problem.
Please let me know any suggestions, solutions, advice, etc. They will be very much apreciated.
Thank you,



Copyright law would not prevent you from showing anything that you have done unless previous work agreements stipulate that you cannot show work without permission. If the work has been published/distributed, disclosure has been made and their is nothing illegal about that.

Trademark and copyright law is mainly in existance to prevent customers from being confused e.g. If i started a cola company called “coake” that would be illegal is it would mislead customers.

Just make sure you credit any other designers on the team. If you want to really cover your ass just includea line that says “all trademarks and copyrights are the properties of their respective owners.”