online portfolio / antti eskeli / industrial design

Hi guys,

at the moment i’m working on my bachelors degree at Lahti Institute of Design in Finland and i would appreciate your comments and feedback about my online portfolio. Just got it up and running before my trip to the Naias auto show. It’s plain and simple and thats just the way i like it (yeah it’s lacking a picture of me and and stuff) but your criticism is good as gold right now.

Okay, already 100 views but unfortunately no comments. Well here’s what i think. I think i need to have a logo. Or somehow make my name stand out a bit more. It kinda loses itself now amongst the other stuff. And hopefully i have time to update the cv section soon.

I just looked through the portfolio and I dont know… aesthetically your work is great. It’s clean, nice renders… but I don’t care about any of your products. I don’t see any story of how the products relate to humans. I don’t see your process either. Where are the sketches, models? It’s just all glitter, no substance.

For example
Your Osaka water transport looks pretty, and I’m sure the visual aesthetics were grounded somehow, but you don’t address any of the functionality. I don’t see a place to control the boat… why is the seating only L shaped? It doesn’t seem very public or that it can fit many people. In fact, the L shaped seat actually wastes more space since only one person can sit at the corner, versus an opposite side seating. It looks cool, but I don’t care about it.

Also the way you explain your work is not a pleasant experience. Things like material explanations, form call outs, should be in the images. I don’t want to read text. I want to see the connections.

Thanks for your comments and critique, i really appreciate it. You spotted the same lacks that i’ve noticed on my presentations. I should concentrate more on the story telling part. For outsiders, some of my work can give a really poor impression. And the lack of sketches are something to work on also. The next version of my portfolio will definately be a more solid and fulfilling.

I think it looks pretty solid. Depending on what you want to do, I’d add in some more researchy-user centered-discovery pages. You have a pretty good sense of form, so think about how to tell the story of “Why?”