Online masterclasses from known designers

It is a pity but because of world crisis,the knowledges I got in the design school was not enough for a good career.Therefore I tried to find any online masterclasses from experienced designers and was very surprised.You can find online masterclasses from known musicians,writers,artists,actors and even web-designers and 3D specialists but not from product,car or interior designers.Why? I found only a very personal and interesting online masterclasses from known multidisciplinary designer and design expert Andrej Statskij NEW ! Masterclasses / Lectures - andrejstatskijs jimdo page! .It can be useful for all under&postgraduates and young designers.By the way masterclasses fee is very reasonable.Hope this info can help someone else.

That is super interesting, I guess we should organize some. Maybe we can get c77 to look into it. Thanks Marco.

To Core77 administrator:

I think we should thank Andrej Statskij for this idea .And I think you should invite Andrej Statskij too in case if you organize online masterclasses in Core77.

I don’t know… sounds phishy to me.

You don’t happen do be Andrej Statskij?