Online ID folio, would love any comments!

Hi there,

I have completed my online folio ID folio and would love feedback on the content, layout and any user interface issues that may arise. Thank you in advance for your time and candid feedback!


you gotta have to do something about that slider on the left, it was like playin a game where i could not select what i wanted but had to go in the right order to view images…

Site is centered vertically in my browser. If ,my window is too small, the top of the page becomes hidden and I can’t scroll up! Saying the site is best viewed at 1024x768 in IE6+ doesn’t fly in 2008.

For centering that works in all browsers, try this:

in the file style.css, change these two rules to read as below:

#horizon {
margin:0px auto;


#content3 {

As savyas said, the scrolling thumbnails are completely unusable. I would create a “matrix” of thumbnails at the bottom or something instead, because I couldn’t even look at your work without getting frustrated.

Don’t design a too clever/complex website, you want your work to be the hero!

I agree. I wonder if the site is just too complex for what is actually needed. Unless you are a web designer you want your work to be the number one attention grabber. So give us more images of your work and simplify the rest of the content.

It might just be me, but it took me a while to actually find what country you’re from…

a decent number of your thumbnails are full- sized images that have been resized in the page code. This makes the thumbs look grainy and lends itself to a noticeable load time. I would take time to knock down the total pixels in PS or some other graphics program. (i.e. the flat tire thumbs.)