Online File Storage

Hey does anybody out there back up their info with online file storage? I’m googling away, but I’m not sure which one to go for. Any good or bad experiences out there?

I’ve used some of the latest versions. Very useful, especially when you work from several computers

Started with Dropbox, which is the easy to use and dead simple version with a well put together brand. It’s great, but you only get 2 GB free and can earn a max of 10GB total by recomending 20 people. It’s like $30 a month for 50GB if you pay. Key info: it syncs only one folder

I now use SugarSync. It’s either 5 or 10 Gb (can’t remember) free from the start and has more control over the files, but is a little less put together in it’s GUI and overall design. I bought the subsription for the absurd low price of <$4 per month for 30GB shared. Other big difference: you can select what folders are synced anywhere on your machine (Ex. ‘My Music’ or ‘My Pictures’ or ‘desktop’)

I’d recommend SugarSync for you, it’s damn handy

Using Carbonite to continually back-up 50 GB of design work, can be accessed through various devices and operating systems.