Online continuing education courses

TL,DR: has anyone taken or do you know of any decent online continuing education courses??

I’m considering taking the Product Design (digital products) course from Elvtr (PRODUCT DESIGN | A live online course with Senior Product Designer at Linkedin | ELVTR) as a compliment to my current skills. It seems pretty legit, but I’m not really intending to make a full pivot to digital products (just trying to be able to compliment increasing work on physical electronic products with the ability to sketch out and roughly prototype the accompanying digital experience). So I’m trying to decide if it’s worth putting in the time, effort, and money into this course or if there is something better, or at least better targeted, out there.

Has anyone taken any other online courses recently? I know LeManoosh ( has some, though they seem like they’re more beginner or less in depth. Might be a good refresher, though? I’d at least consider courses on a variety of topics.

Full disclosure, I’m an instructor for this program, but wanted to share in response to your question.

Offsite is a 12 week series of online ID courses.

You can read about it here:

Wyatt Coe, one of our past students, has a great synopsis of the program here:

Here is a break down of the courses:

Design Discourse: talking about design objectively. Taught be the one an only Spencer Nugent.
Design & Business: understanding how design a business intersect. Taught by me.
Design Research: methodologies and processes. Meghan Preiss from Ford.
Real World Sketching: rapid visualization for practical application. Kelly Custer from Knack.
Design Visualization: world class CAD render production. Tyler Anderson from Essential Design.
Design for Manufacturing: materials and processes. Dominic Montante.
Professional Self Presentation: building a portfolio x 100. Kat Reiser of Pampered Chef.

We are just about to wrap up our third term. We kicked off a pilot program last fall and have been running that each season. The team is taking a break in the fall to reevaluate and strategize what the 2022 program will look like. Until then you can see more on the IG account:

Thanks, Michael. I forgot about offsite as I posted this but remembered this morning. I know someone in the cohort that is just finishing; I should chat with them about it. My understanding was that it was geared towards current design students or recent grads, and not those with more experience under their belt. I’ll be curious to see what the 2022 program looks like. While I do have almost 15 years of experience, it’s obviously not in all areas of design equally, and a decent amount of my time is spent doing mechanical engineering-esque work, so a refresher/level up type course would still be useful.

I forgot to post that applications are now open for the next cohort: Offsite — Advanced Design

Yanko just did a write up on it:

Is there anything like Offsite but scaled for high school students interested in design? Or could high schoolers apply? (asking for a friend, my kids are too young and I want them to go into plumbing)

Offsite has a separate high school cohort now as well, called Cohort 01. I don’t teach for that one but it seems popular. Cohort 01 — Advanced Design

Thanks, will let friend know.

I think applications just closed yesterday for the spring term but there will be another one over the summer.

hello everyone - Hector here! I’m the Executive Director of Offsite, if your friends high school are interested to for this upcoming Spring Cohort (applications closed), we would be more than happy to give them a spot, or they can wait for the summer cohort as well! Either way, don’t hesitate to reach out should they have any questions:


Thank you very much Hector, will relay the info. Much appreciated.