online certificate

Can anyone provde feedback or insight on the value of an online certification in graphic design?

I’m an aspiring artist/designer with no training who has turned my current corporate project management work for a bank into something hugely effective through the use of creativity and design in our communications.

I’m considering either the online certificate at, or there is a very new program, interactive arts and technology, at the University of Texas/Dallas. As I review the curriculum of each, I find that the has a far greater foundation of “design,” and a substantial faculty of current day practitioners. Whereas the program at University of Texas/Dallas appers to be less design/art oriented, and more technical.

Any advice is most appreciated.

Interesting question. I wouldn’t consider something like this for ID, but for graphics it might work, especially if you’re dedicated. How would you get critiqued? How would you get feedback on the online course? The more interactive this process is may outweigh one over another.

Thanks for the response, good questions. Sessions tells me that you have continuous feedback and interaction with the faculty and students as you submit your work for each lesson and course. There is also a portfolio review process during the end of the program. Within each course you are evaluated on a scale of Outstanding, Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory, passing is of course Outstanding or Satisfactory.

I’m very interested in it, but you have to make the full financial committment up front on the certificate program (which equates to about a 30% savings compared to taking the courses independently.