Online Bullying and Violence Against Women

This is one of those topics that I believe has been a long time coming. Unfortunately it has come to a head in about the only way that human’s take notice. Someone, who has a lot of visibility, has their life threatened.

If you haven’t heard about the issue of Kathy Sierra, a very prominent blogger, and her online death threats…I suggest you have a look:

I have made comments on here before that I don’t believe in anonymity online. Making hateful, or hurtful comments while hiding behind a false moniker is neither funny, nor carries with it any integrity.

I understand that the majority of the time it is “harmless fun”. But in this case, it has gotten out of hand and is one of the things that is drastically wrong with the Internet.

OUCH! We’ve certainly had some aggressive personalities on here in the past, and while it has gotten personal, it’s never gotten that nasty.

People are evil.

And we keep providing them weapons and shields to grow even more cruel while our society condones and most often encourages one to be bitchy and cold to “get by” or “be successful”.

Sometimes I question why I design for such a crude world.

Yes, I am a hater.