One Year Intensive Course Recommendations


I am wondering if anyone can recommend an one year intensive design program in either Industrial Design or Interaction Design. I’m not very picky about location. And preferably a program for beginners without a heavy portfolio requirement.

A bit about myself. I graduated with a BA in Philosophy two years ago. I am interested in a career in Industrial Design/Interaction Design. My dream is to be able to use design in address some of the most pressing issues facing our society. Design seems to be the perfect intersection between creativity and impact. It lines up with my values of living a creative life and making an impact in the lives of others.

I am in the awkward position of not wanting to commit to another four year BA and not having a portfolio to enter a post graduate program or finding an entry level position. I want to build up a portfolio and then consider entry level position and grad school. A structure program works better for me than learning on my own.

I have done some research and found the following intensive 1 year programs in Industrial design,

  1. Umea Institute of Design - 1 year Industrial Design Intensive
    This seems to be the most ideal program, howeve,

  2. SPD - 1 Year Program in Product Design
    Interior and Product Design One Year Course – SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design

  3. AC4D - 1 Year Program

  4. Emily Carr Interaction Design Essentials.

Any other programs or advice that you might have is greatly appreciated.