One Week

I have a week off for summer and then working everyday (last summer I was given two weeks off-things change…). I am exhausted from school and work and could use a lil break. I am wondering what you guys do to get away from your work and when you do have a second off what do you do?

I was thinking about renting a car and driving to Arizona and “bumbing” around down there (my grandmother has an apt. down there I could stay at for a couple days in Tucson) and I think being on the road and seeing a different location and surrounding would be nice. sometimes you need that i think.

or maybe just stay in the city an re-organize everything?? kinda boring–

I have several hobbies that I pursue during my off time to get my mind off work. Mountain biking is one of my favorites - or just getting outdoors for whatever reason - seems to refresh me more than just about anything else. Making some type of art is another good one that allows you to still be creative without having to ‘design’ your work.

No rest for me. 12 hr drive then a new life to get used to.

…while in az you might as well spend a day at arcosonti…a good place to recharge desgin batteries…

The Boneyard Best of the Boneyard - Pima, AZ is pretty amazing.
There is a tour (we didn’t take it). Link to Google Map image Google Maps

WOW! if i had a week off, i sure wouldn’t be asking other what i should do…

since you did ask, you should know that there is a 180" base of snow at MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN in california (not TOO far from arizona). i’d get my ass there a.s.a.p. to make some final turns for the ski season.

just my two cents, enjoy your vacation. i’m jelous.

Arizona is beautiful, but understand that “summer” starts about now. Depending on when you go, its bitch hot. Expect temps in June-Aug to be 110+ for most of the summer.

August in Tucson has the most incredible thunder and lighting shows you’ll see anywhere! Boomin’ cummi’s during the monsoon season!

If Tucson is your destination, you should try to go south towards Bisbee and Tombstone (about 80-120 miles). Karchner Caverns near Tombstone is bigger than Carlsbad Caverns. The Copper Queen mine in Bisbee is really cool- if your not claustrophobic. If you into astronomy, Kitt peak west of Tucson’s interesting.

Arcosonti is over 200 miles away in Cortes Junction on the way torwards Flagstaff. If you’re driving to AZ on I-40 (from the north) go there on the way in. If you’re coming in from I-10, it’s awfully far to drive.

(Arcosonti is really just a bunch of hype-Paolo Solarians smokin’ dope sellin’ bells-I’d be disappointed if I drove all that way just to see that. Better off going to Taliesan West north of Scottsdale).

my $.02

I am not dead-on going to AZ but ingeneral just want to get out of NYC for a couple days and that was an option. thanks for all the links-and comments.

How are the expenses in Arizona? Hotel/ motel, gas, dining out, stuff ingeneral?
I will try checking it up online–too

taking up something new and doing something else with art sounds interesting too- I also need to go by the MoMA spend sometime there-have only been once…