One small step for the US market...

I must sound like a real @$$hole sometimes, posting all these cars that I have probs with. It’s time I post something that I think is the right car.

I know what you are saying, “but 914…it’s just a minivan!” (that’s if you are the type of person to talk to your monitor). Yeah, I know. But it’s a small minivan. Mazda has stuck its neck out. It has decided to bring a Euro-type mini-van to the US market, but not hide it in retro clothes. That’s balls.

To me, this type of vehicle truly addresses people’s needs for a family vehicle. It will haul the kids (up to 5 passengers), haul the groceries but do it frugally, since it uses the engine from a small Mazda 3, not a big V6 like the typical mini-vans use.


There are many vehicles out there that truely address people’s needs, but as we’ve seen, market demand doesn’t equal to market needs.

Other similar and beautiful cross overs includes Toyota Wish, Honda Streamline.

Smaller cars like Suzuki Solio and Mazda Premacy answers the needs for smaller family with one or no kids.

Why don’t we see those in the US? Oh well…

… I am glad to see this is hitting the US, hope hope it sells so we can get some more good stuff.

Mazda have been coming out with some sick looking cars in the past few years ( Mazda2, 3, 6, Rx8). Its cool to hear good comments about the 5 from u guys.

Don’t take our word Megs, what do you think? What is sick or healthy (pun intended) about the 5 in your eye?

It really, really looks like a focus wagon…which I guess makes sense, given the Ford->Mazda relationship.

Quite nice for a mini-minivan, actually. It’s somehow very elegant…doesn’t look bloated or boxy, as all the other minivans or crossovers to this point have been IMO. And I’m sure it’s more practical than a Matrix or a Vibe (don’t ride in one!).

I agree with megs; Mazda’s latest cars have been quite impresive. If the RX-8 had been a bit smaller, it would have been at the top of my list of perfect cars. I also really like the Mazda3 hatchback (looks like the recent Renaults, with the cut-off ~Kamm back). Quite a simple, elegant design.

And reliability is amazing. I have a Ford Escort (ford body panels, mazda everything else) that’s lasted 8 years and 200,000 kilometers with no problems other than the parking brake loosening up. The clutch is starting to go now, but it’s still driveable.