One off footwear prototyping?

Im currently studying my masters in footwear design and am after creating a prototype of one of my designs. Ive rang around numerous places and contacted people by email but come to nothing… Can anyone help me find a company that is able to do one of prototyping for my masters exhibition?

Matthew, what type of footwear design are you trying to get a prototype for (sneaker, dress shoe, etc.)? This can be very challenging, considering the difficulty of creating a mid/outsole of a sneaker vs a dress shoe.

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Thanks for getting back to me, It would be a athletic shoe… either a running or trail shoe, with major detail on the sole and materials of choice.

Thanks for the advice, it would be a athletic shoe and with many companies coming back to me saying they don’t use certain materials and are very restricted in the designs… plus the major cost involved. I have considered the idea of manufacturing the shoe my self out of foam and materials close to what I actually want.

It is highly unlikely you would be able to have a one off custom made sneaker with very detailed tooling for the sole unless you have very deep pockets and money isn’t an issue. Your best bet would be, go to your fashion dept and ask to borrow a pair of last. Or explain your needs to a fellow fashion student or professor and learn how to make your upper patterns yourself or pay them to do it if your pressed for time. Personally, I would learn myself if I were you. It is very rewarding.

Keno mentioned DIY for the soles… If your saavy with foam models, you can create your on foam/fiberglass mock-up, have a 3D model printed or Just use an existing mid/outsole from a new pair of sneakers and modify them. Good luck to you.

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