One more thing...

So Deez, Rashid is your idol?

Deez so what is your education in? I’m guessing your an english major? BFA?

I can tell by your writing that your very smart and educated, don’t give up and don’t hate the world.

You’ve just finished having a conversation with yourself. Congratulations. You are now a proud member of the funny farm.

I don’t GET your point here. It’s as if you are just mucking up the entire forum for your own pleasure. Need I remind you that this is supposed to be a professional forum? There is a separate section for students. Maybe there should be another section for people that get turned on seeing their thoughts in black and white pixels broadcasted throughout cyberspace.

Saying Karim represents ID as a whole is like saying Ashley Simpson defines music. His stuff is just like pop music. We like it for a while, but it lacks staying power. It’s fabricated and like candy, it’s gone quickly. And thank goodness good ol’ Ashley is gone from the scene.

Was your question over salad shooters even a real question? I mean, if you are really that concerned over a salad shooter, then you may be in the wrong profession, if in fact you are actually a PAID designer. Perhaps a chef would be a good vocation for you.

Please close this retarded thread.