One more thing...

Without this sounding like a personal attack, I ask why (we) feel compelled to have the coolest looking household items?

Trying to hold on to a cultural image of a designer? What’s wrong with having a wine-rack from Hungary, 16th century for the simple reason that your family is from there? Or an alarm clock from your college days? it still works, right?

I suppose what I"m asking is why do we all seem so infatuated with having the latest and greatest plastic widgit? Do any of these things make our lives better? Nope, they take money out of our pockets and into the hands of, well, other designers. Buy stuff that means something to you, otherwise it’s just stuff.

I owned one of those OXO Salad Spinners, worked great for the most part. I got rid of it because I had no more space for it and had to make way for a new cappuccino maker . It takes up some sizeable real estate in your fridge to be a crisper and more when not in use.

I had the large one, not the mini.

They had two sizes, not really listed as “Large”.

-Good Grips Salad Spinner
-Good Grips Little Salad & Herb Spinner

Some other company made one that was battery operated so you wouldn’t have to put any effort in spinning it. If that’s the look you want you could go with that one.

I’d get the zyliss spinner instead of the OXO. Colors are 10x better in person than on the web site.

Might as well get the big one.

The quality of plastic on Zyliss stuff in unbelievable.

Currently I just put a plate over a metal colander and shake it all about.

I do that too, man what a couple a losers, I’ll have to buy the OXO as well. :laughing:

How did you go from asking for a desk lamp to deciding on a salad spinner??

Friday u posting at 8PM EST so thinking u mebbe need something mebbe anything to get chicks in your door!
Thinking u got tobe despirate to hope OXO is going to help ya, bro. But good luck anyways.

Wait, is the world coming to an end or am I seeing a bunch of manly designers talking about what salad spinner to get for your new lovely kitchen?

Maybe you should go ask that person in Brighton… :stuck_out_tongue:

Deez reminds me of that neighbor with the sexual orientation issues in American Beauty. Gay-bashing but just needing some love.

you’re a jerkoff and should kill yourself.

Deez go with the zyliss it will match ur rose tinted buddy hollys.

I think Deez has completely lost it. Either that or…

My real bet here is that Deez is not an American, and is just trying to make americans look bad. Doing a great job Deez, congratulations!

me thinks Deez is unemployed and living in his mommy’s basement. damn near everytime i come in here i see Deez. not too hard at work or busy designing anything it appears. what is the dealz with that? hmmmmmm salad tosser what the heck? why don’t you go to food and hang out with your pink pirate glasses? no portfolio link all talk no action blah blah. maybe lose the gay inspired shades and you get some ladies without a salad tosser lol!

I nominate DEEZ for poster of the year.

He is one of the few that are able to antagonize with enough wit to keep me interested in reading a thread once it takes a turn for the “swirlybath”

Also, sometimes he raises a valid point.

I now expect you to berate me for attempting to hop on your coat tails as you pave the way to next level posting.

I’d give him more credit except it’s pretty obvious he posts as both a guest and registered and sometimes replying to himself. Just check his first registered post. It’s a reply to the guest post which is his too. He just decided to take his own advice and register. Manufactured drama is too lame even for this forum.

Now back to the topic at hand, my favorite lamp is the Artemide Tolomeo. And you thought chicks would dig the OXO salad spinner, wait until they see this baby on your desk…

Go Zyliss.

I just got one, was a wedding present - see, I am a manly designer :slight_smile:

It has a brake, also, you can use the pull cord to practise that lawnmower/outboard technique in the off-season :slight_smile:

those lamps - IKEA, right? :smiling_imp:

chicks and salad spinners? What exactly are you spinning?

Forgot to sign in deez?

you should all be embarassed about all this bitching and moaning over salad shakers and desk lamps. you make me embarassed to be a designer.

we of all people know that most of the stuff on the market is crap - these two items included.