one more ba degree..?

Here is the situation.

The college i graduated from (here in greece) was a crap. I feel that my academic background is weak. I applied to several institutes for their Ma courses and all rejected my application.

Now i am thinking of getting another Ba degree in an institute preferably in England. Do you happen to know any worth mentioned school. There are soooo many.

Also, this idea sounds rational?

Thank you for your feedback.

what would you be looking to study if you went to england? maybe we could suggest places if we knew what programs you were interested in?
Also, what was the degree you got at your uni in Greece?

guest, you 're right.

i already have a ba in industrial product design. I do not have any particular course i am looking for to attend. What concerns me right now is to find a school with a good design faculty.

central st martins sound pretty good though. am i right? At least its fashion department.

youre welcome :slight_smile:

why do you not look to gain some work experience and use that to strengthen your portfolio. Maybe you would benefit from some feed back on your portfolio from people in this forum?

There are a variety of reasons why your application for an MA could have been rejected. I think your lack of direction (as in you dont know what you really even want in the MA) may be part of the problem. “I want an MA coz my undergrad was crap” doesnt usually win points with admissions committees :slight_smile:

If you are concerned, I would recommend work experience if you can get it, over another degree. You need to get out there and build on the foundation you received in school. That real experience will help a great deal.

I’d say that if you had the money, go back for another. Assuming now you know what to look for, you’ll be able to pick the right place that can help you go in the direction you want.
Getting work experience first would be nice, but isn’t that the problem? The undergrad was weak, didn’t learn what should’ve been…I don’t see how with that background they’ll even be able to get work experience.
Somehow you’ll have to learn what you should that you didn’t get from your undergrad. If it was a total waste of time, you might still consider yourself as someone with no undergrad and start applying to them over again, but this time with the better knowledge of where you need to go. But remember, that’s if you have the funds.
On the other hand, there is a lot of material online, books, etc…that can help supplement what you missed in school, depending on how serious the lack of proper education. If you at least know what specific things you missed and it’s the type of thing you can learn with your own study, go that route. Best of luck.

i agree with Skinny and I’ll add this.

A good school will give you the skills you need and also some connections, just as important in landing that first job I’m sorry to say. Schools like the University of Cincinnati, Art Center, CCS, Cleveland, Royal College of Art, Coventry, Umea have good conections to the real world. Plus you are in an environment that is all about people making the transition from school to the professional life. Having that peer support group is huge.

yo + skinny, thank you for your contribution.

Money hopefully is not a major problem (not that my parents are billionairs… :cry: i wish they were!) age is something that makes me sceptical (i am 25…) and if i continue for postgraduate studies…but it is something i overcome because if in future i regret not geting the necessary education then it will be worst…besides now i am placing the foundations for my future career right?! :wink:

yo, the institutes you mention (at least the european ones) run only postgraduate courses or their undergrad r tought in swedish. :blush:

thanx again! any idea will be appreciated!


sorry, i just saw your post! :open_mouth: . In fact you are right. I still do not know what to do (but i do not want a ma just to enrich my “crap” portfolio! :confused: )
I also have 1 year work xperience. We designed the olympic pins…hahaha…but this will not make the unis to call me that they regret not accepting me right? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

your post was fantastic!

p.s. honestly, in the application letter i could hardly write a word. Why this , why us, why that… and i had no answer. I know that there is no right answer to that but i can not write a whole composition sucking their buts in order to accept me. Cause that 's how i feel…

Glad you thought my post was fantastic. Its good that you have a good sense of humour about this. I have received many a rejection letter so I know how you feel. You will however have to pucker up and kiss some grad school butt if you want to get in :slight_smile:

All jokes aside, for every application you send, there are goodness knows how many people who are 100% convinced that they belong at the uni you have also applied to and have managed to put that in writing. If you cant explain why you want to go to grad school then could it be that maybe you dont really want to go?

If its not too much of an intrusion, may I ask why you did not transfer out of your undergrad program at some point within your four years if you thought is was rubbish? I am still not convinced that you did not learn “anything” and am wondering if this “rejection phase” is just not a matter of presentation on your part?

guest, i really appreciate your words and i enjoy our conversation (and learn… :laughing: ).

When i say that i did not learn anything from my undergrad uni i mean that we did not learn to use any top software (alias…etc) did not have any contact and co-operation with real companies (do not forget that in greece there are few worth mentioned industries most of 'em parts of internationals) and no the education in terms of material science and marketing was a joke. If you want to end up working as sales man in furniture stores then ok by me but if you want to move on then you relaize that your not as competitive as a grad from another uni from abroad.

Fortunatelly i do have good sketch abilities and that were gained thanks to my personal work. I do net expect to offer me everything without personal interest but at least i expected basic motivation.

About the application letters now. All those unis do not understand that in a way force the candidates to kiss their asses? I doo not mean to offend the ones that were accpted and by no means try to become a hero of morality
but i feel i can not do this.

thanks for listening