One Hour Design Challenge

Bored at work? Have 15 mins here and there to fill some time? Need something to do during lunch? Maybe your S/O is watching Desperate Housewives and you have an hour to yourself? Here’s your challenge:

Design a product, any product, in approximately one hour. The rules are as follows:

  • Deliverables are sketches AND a CAD drawing. This is NOT just a CAD or sketching challenge.
    Do it all within one hour.

Up for the challenge?

Here’s my contribution:

Baby Rattle/Teething Ring

Sketches: 15 mins (Alias Sketchbook Pro on a tablet)
CAD: 35 mins (+ about 10 mins of wrapping my head around Rhino 4)
Photoshop work: 10 mins)


i like the presentation of your product!

where did you used the photoshop for? For making the pic more lighter then the rendering was? making the render more sketchy with some filters? And do you use flamingo to render?


Photoshop was for nothing more than to put all the sketches in one place and add the text at the bottom. Quick and dirty stuff.

I used Rhino for the 3D CAD and rendering. I have found that you can do screen captures of the base colors (especially if you use white). It saves all the time of the 3D render. Maybe touch it up in photoshop (drop shadow, color tweaks, etc.).

This exercise is interesting to me because it forces you to be quick with your process. You learn a lot from a very quick process like this. You need to be very conscious with your form, etc.

PS: sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I missed your response earlier.

Hey, this sounds interesting and fun. :smiley:

Let’s put a rule on image resolution. What about 800 x 600 to fit on the forum?

CAD should be used for final render? Or, render could be sketch and CAD as supporting material?

1 hour would be excluding rendering time? (if rendered using CAD)

Wow. I thought this died a quick death.

Here’s the logic behind the one hour:

This isn’t an exercise in developing photoreal renderings. It is an exercise in flexing your quick ideation and development skills. If you’re wanting to get more realistic in the 3D there are tools to do so very quickly now…

i.e. Rhino now has realtime eMaps that does a darn good job of creating a quick illusion of reality. I know Alias produces some friggin’ amazing realtime renderings with a few clicks of the mouse.

But more than anything, just have fun with this and show us what you can do in an hour.

The first rule of the One Hour Design Challenge is that there are no rules.

If people are actually interested in this, I would love to see it. If it needs a topic, I would be happy to turn this into a bi-weekly/monthly event similar to the Product Design Forums Sketch sessions.

Feedback appreciated.

It would be interesting to have a weekly “contest” and change the theme.

If this becomes popular, it would be even more interesting to have small prizes, possibly using sponsors. We could even have awards, that latter display below the avatar.

I’m not saying anything new, it is pretty much the same as the cgtalk forum contests.

I think those little things will keep the people hooked.

What do you think?

I am game. I will see what I can do to come up with a framework over the next week or so.

im in.


sounds like fun…

I can hardly guarantee that my stuff will even hold a candle to everyone else’s, but this seems fun and now that I have some extra time I’d like to expand my design skill beyond footwear. I’m in!

It looks like we’re a go. I talked to Core77 Admin and they are willing to donate some SWAG and notoriety.

Here’s how its going to work:

  1. I will announce the subject for design on Monday Morning by 8 AM Pacific Time (4 PM GMT).
  2. You will have until 1 PM Pacific Time (9 PM GMT) on the following Friday to complete your One Hour Design Challenge.
  3. Winners will be based on a Core77 Community Vote. Winner will receive a pair of Blue Fom Shoes. Top 2 Runners Up will receive a Core77 t-shirt. Everyone will receive recognition on the Core77 blog front page (any ties will be decided upon by the OHDC supreme dictator, ip_wirelessly).
    Voting will commence immediately following submission deadline and will close the following Friday. Entry and voting will only be open to registered Core77 Board members.
  4. Design to be done in One Hour (duh!). This is purely honor system. Remember, this is One Hour to do ALL WORK. i.e. If your design takes 48 mins to render in 3DS Max, I hope you are wicked fast at modelling and lighting set up.
  5. There is no restriction on the final medium. This can be analog, digital, or a combination of the two. You can add as much, or little text as you want. This is about presenting an idea as quickly and clearly as possible in one hour. Remember, the only rule is that there is a one hour time limit.
  6. Wash
  7. Rinse
  8. Repeat

PS: PM me if you have any suggestion for design subjects, let’s not clog up this area with that. Besides, I want them to be a bit of a surprise.

could we work with GMT instead?

Some edits were made to the entry rules previously posted (some more prizes and GMT).

Any thoughts on starting this Monday? In N. America there are a couple of big holiday’s that might compete with time (July 1 - Canada Day, July 4th in the USA). But then again, it might be interesting to see some designs done with a few beers under the belt while at the family picnic.

I lean towards starting this Monday no matter how you cut it. This is an hour time limit and it is open all week. Its not a time intensive gig.

This sounds like fun…where will the competition be posted?..In the blog…or in the forum?

Posted and voted on here in the forums. They will announce the competition and winners on the blog.

FYI, I will be moving this to the General Section on Monday so that I have Moderating ability on it. I am also hoping for the most possible traffic.


One Hour Design Challenge Starts Monday, July 2, 2007 at 9 AM PST (5 PM GMT)

and closes Friday, July 6, 2007 at 1 PM PST (9 PM GMT).