One Hour Design Challenge - Voting

Tie Breaker - Vote for Your Favorite

  • DrivenD - indoor hot dog grille
  • RUNROBOTS - Pocket Framer
  • brianmullins - Desk Light
  • bert2001 - gold shoe rendering
  • ip_wirelessly - Solar Street Lamp
  • Sain - Shampoo Bottle

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Only YOU can change the outcome of this contest. You have approximately 24 hours to affect who will be crowned 1HDC Beta Champion.

So, go ahead. Cast a vote. Close your eyes and randomly pick. Vote for your least favorite. Get that rapidly produced concept you thought was cool to the top of the heap by using your diplomatic power.


Due to relatively low voter turn out, I have reduced the field based on the voting submitted. I weeded out anyone that voted for themself.

I am going to keep this up for a couple of days and see if we can get a clear winner on this.

Vote for your favorite OHDC Design by sending me a PM with who you believe should win the shoes. You will get only ONE vote.

Winner will be crowned Monday July 16th

I will not be available until Sunday the 15th. So, hopefully this doesn’t get all bunged up before then.

Good Luck!

Quick update before I head out of town…

Top 3, in no particular order:

DrivenD’s Hot Dog Grille
Sain’s Shampoo Bottle
runrobot’s pocket framer

If you aren’t shy and have no problem posting your vote, go ahead and leave it in this forum. Otherwise, PM me with your vote. I will not be around for a week to make any updates.

Have a great week and VOTE!

voting by forum would be better than PM i think.

generate some comments, some dicussion, drop a vote. better than by secret ballot counted by one.

really, this shouldnt be taken so seriously. would keep up the fun if the winning process also had some thought behind it.

how are these judged anyway?


I don’t know if it is just me and my machine, but all the images that were uploaded onto Core77 (vs. posting on Imageshack) are not showing up! And, since the forum is locked, no one can change their post to fix the image posting problem…

could easily set up a poll, I’ll shoot a note to IP, though he is on vacation right now… come to think of it, with votes already cast through PM, might be too cumbersome to switch halfway through, but we could do the poll next time.

I already sent a PM, but I voted for the hot dog roller, Its cool to see my shampoo bottle up there.

Where is the Hot Dog Roller?

You can see the hot-dog roller image and a lot of the others only when logged-in. I’m not sure why that is; it’s not an option when posting. Thanks for your votes! Who wants a hot dog?!

Direct link to Hot Dog Grille Image

Hi All:

Sorry for the image hiccup while I was gone. I have no clue why they aren’t showing up. I will try and sort that out with admin over the next couple of days.

I will tally the votes by Monday.

I tried to set up a poll but the forum doesn’t allow that many votes. I am not sure what the limit is. But if there is no way to release the cap on the number of poll options, I may have to select the top five for voting in the future.

Remember, this is a work in progress…definitely a few kinks to work out.

No criteria for voting.

If you haven’t voted, please do so.

I would like a bit more parity on the voting. It would be great if you could get me your vote by 12PM PST (9 GMT).


I thought i would share what I sent to IP.

I vote for Bert2001 footwear sketches. I really like how loose they are and the quality of the line work. Even though he admitted to going over the time limit.

The next time you should create some design criteria both for the person entering the competition but also so the person voting has a better idea of what the designer was trying to communicate. Do we vote on the concept, execution, process, final result, etc…???

I already have enough crap on my counter. So I think the hot dog roller is just another Kitchen appliance that won’t hardly get used. Unless you team up with an old boxer who names all his children George. Then maybe you’re onto something.

The picture framer is an alright concept but then I thought, why would someone do that? Wouldn’t you just take a picture. I just don’t see value in that product. It may make a nice gag gift to a photographer friend or something.

The Shampoo bottle with a suction cup. They already have those so I see no improvement plus what did the designer design. the bottle or the suction cup.

To be honest your baby rattle is one of the best.

Overall I most enjoyed the shoe sketches for their clarity and sketch quality.

I like the idea of the this contest though. I have a weekly meeting with some designers and at least two of us participated. If the logistics were worked out a little more and the voting was more clearly defined, it would be really fun. Hopefully the next time around we can vote using a poll and everyone can see in real time who is winning.

Let’s do it again!


Thanks for the feedback Brian. It is all bang on to what I am hoping to do next time around.

For the first one, I wanted to just let it go and have a life of its own. See what worked and then hone it in the next generation of it.

I promise to tighten things up a bit more in the future.

A short critique, only because I’m left baffled…

The indoor hot dog grill? Who is voting for this? I am not ripping up on DrivenD here, as we all have ideas- some of them are valuable, some are fun, some should never leave sketch paper. I have ideas all the time that are great, but should never be developed beyond that.
My concept is simply a sketch, and I hope for a harsh critique…
but my critique here is on the voters, presumably all Industrial Designers?

But the concept to “bring the cold dirty coziness of the local gas station into your own home”?
Where else do you associate hot dog rollers? The first correct answer is, “the gas station”.

On average, I eat about 1 hot dog every 4-6 months, just a random guess. The purpose of a hot dog roller is to keep hot dogs warm for long periods of time, ready for impulse-buying gas-pumping customers. A hot dog roller is not designed to cook up a dog quick for your dinner.

The concept promotes the user to insert two hot dogs, on a Monday for example, then leave the counter-space-eating appliance plugged in for 2-3 days until the individual becomes hungry, perhaps Wednesday night munchies? Once the two dogs are gone, you can unplug the power-hungry appliance or insert 2 of the other 10 dogs leftover in the package from your fridge.

Gas station experience in my own home, promotes hot dog eating, uses excess power for heater and motor, a hot grill left on to burn me/guests/children, takes up my minimal/valuable kitchen counter space, etc.

I’m just left scratching my head here, who is voting on this concept? Am I missing something?

Of course this competition is for fun, and yes, it’s a fun idea. But there are other ideas here that offer more value and witty thought.

I suppose this is a rant, but a rant I could not contain.

I understand where Taylor is coming from here. An ‘indoor hotdog roller’ is superficially a ridiculous idea. However, the fact that it currently has the most votes says a lot. First you have to give props to DrivenD for actually putting it out there: his vision for domestic hotdog-grilling domination is clearly illustrated and easy to understand (that’s one hot wiener rendering!). Sure there’s a million things to nitpick like:

1_where’s the ‘on’ switch?
2_who would use this?
3_how would you clean it?
4_how do the rollers work?
5_how would it be made, etc.?

Not that there is anything wrong with an indoor hotdog roller, it’s just as good as any of the other ideas put forth. Because let’s be reasonable: this is just a one-hour competition. In one-hour, one can’t possibly design every detail of an idea and then post them in 2D on a forum. It’s just not feasible.

In the end, because there are no clear criteria for what is the “best” One Hour Design in this competition, there is really no way of saying that one idea is better than the next. There are no metrics. My theory is that because of this confusion, people (7 so far) are just voting for the most ridiculous idea.

I really like the idea of this competition. I guess it just needs to be a little more focused. Maybe it can change focus from rendering to sketching to to CAD between competitions? It could be the One-Hour Design Pentathalon. And finally, it’d be nice if the ‘selected’ concepts were posted on the same page that they are voted on.

Now I see another point of view, as far as voting for the most ridiculous. I should have taken that into consideration, as I’m the most ridiculous person I know- it should have been clear. I too, agree about the fact that this is only a one hour competition, there is basically no problem solving here, just more or less a sketch to communicate an idea.

Regardless, I do enjoy the thought of a OHDC. Reminds me of our Design Charettes back at SCAD, a 3 day team competition against at least 12 other teams. The design criteria constantly changes, and more information is revealed to the teams at a slow trickle. Hardly any sleep, a slice of pizza if you’re lucky, high tensions, and always a ridiculous outcome.

Hey all,

Since I have a second I thought I’d answer some Q’s:

1_where’s the ‘on’ switch?

Current grilles (George Foremans, for example) do not have on switches. This is somewhat logical from a safety perspective: if it’s plugged in, assume it’s hot! I have taken that further by dividing the indicator lights into two: Green is on (plugged in), Red is hot. I’d probably make green into orange or yellow, so you know it’s getting hot. There is a power button on the right side to activate the rotating.

2_who would use this?

Lots of people: This was designed right after July 4th (BBQ time!). Living in an apartment, you cannot always grill outdoors, and the George Forman did a surprisingly good job on burgers, but its ridges did unsightly things to the hot dogs. Rollers would cook the hot dogs evenly, and when they’re shut-off, they act just like the other ridges in a typical Forman-type grille. All that’s really happening is keeping the dogs from cooking unevenly - the heat is the same, so they’ll cook just as fast.

3_how would you clean it?

Same as the Forman. The grille face might lift so you could get under the wheels, but this might not be neccesary. Non-stick metals/coatings make cleaning easy, with just a sponge or bounty.

4_how do the rollers work?

A few possibilities here, motor, gears, magnetic coils, or friction. Heat-engines also exist, but are trickier and usually less powerful, however if possible, that’d mean less parts and a use of wasted heat/energy.

5_how would it be made, etc.?

Same as a Foreman, with a few extra parts. This is a simple machine.

Regarding Taylor’s comments: Hot Dogs can certainly be found in seedy places, but they’re also found at every BBQ and picnic. Nowadays they’re made from higher quality meats, and are available in chicken and turkey varieties - not to mention the vegetarian versions. Increasingly, delis and gourmet specialty stores are selling expensive, high-quality sausages. And there’s no wait - Like a Foreman, these rollers would heat a frozen dog in 2-4 minutes!

Regarding Brian’s comments: If your counters are already tight or cluttered this doesn’t eat additional space, since it enables your “Foreman” to serve double-duty. Also, I keep mine on top of a stove burner (covered), since I usually dont use all burners at once - thus is takes up zero counter space. I like the quality of your rendering btw - my desk is crowded but I still enjoy a nice desk lamp :slight_smile:.

In the end, thousands of people use Foreman Grilles and a whole bunch of people have said it’d be cool if they didn’t burn hot-dogs. That’s what this accomplishes.

I dont think people are voting for the most ridiculous idea - most votes were made BEFORE IP put up that side-comment about voting ridiculous. Although, maybe they’re voting for me b/c they’re hungry :wink:

Thanks to Jomiz80 for the compliments and clear questions.

Double thanks to IP for creating and moderating this competition.

OK, I am going to close this down now that we don’t have a 3 way tie for 2nd.

Congrats to DrivenD as the winner of 1HDC Beta! He will be receiving a sparkly new pair of Blue Fom Shoes!

BrianMullins and runrobot will be sporting a shiney new Core77 Tee Shirt soon!

Thanks to all who participated! There were definitely some wrinkles to be ironed out, but I was pretty happy with it all things considered.

Stay tuned for 1HDC v1.0