One Hour challenges

Any sign off new 1 hour challenges, its been a while since one was up and I’d love a chance to try one

We could do one more informally. What do you want it to be about?

A thought that has been with me since October 5th of last year. Although morbid, it is the final piece of design for what has hopefully been a full life.

The design of a casket.

I’d really like to try one too! It would be great to see them going again

Those mason jar speakers got me thinking of a few ideas. What about

Hi-Tech Low-Tech.

Awesome idea!

Wow, can’t believe it’s already Sept. 2012.

Did anyone ever have a go at this OHDC? Would anyone like to revive the awesome OHDC tradition? (Maybe I’ve missed it elsewhere but it seems like things have slowed a little).

I’m up for doing one again.

Sounds awesome, I would love to participate.

Welcome aboard PB.


Been a while since I’ve posted, although this stream has got me back out of my shell!!
Seems to be a little bit of interest lingering along in here somewhere… Any ideas on a brief moving forward…?

Go on someone. Throw us an 8 ball and let’s see where the wind takes us…


I’de love to see this pick back up again. We need someone to step up and run it though. Any volunteers?

I’m interested! What’s all involved in running 1HDC? PM me if you need to.