One Handed Tripod

So here’s my latest project, probably been done before, but couldn’t find anything on it. I would love to hear what everyone thinks, there’s loads of improvements to make, but I’m quite pleased with the prototype:

Looks great. The balance on uneven terrain is a nice visual. Overall the idea and presentation are solid.

Now get yourself a hobby grade 3D printer and go to town. This is a perfect application for that.

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Awesome project product tank. With more refinement I could totally see this being a successful product. Definitely agree with Sain, the balancing on uneven terrain demonstration definitely elevates it from “that’s cool” to “yeah I would pay for that” in my mind.

Interested to follow along the next steps.

Nice project.

But in your next video please don’t have a buffoon setup the normal tripod. I know that is the norm for infomercials, but it using that technique degrades your innovation.

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback :slight_smile:

Sorry Iab, will try to drop the ‘oon’ and just be more ‘buff’ in the next video!

Just to clear, I meant the clumsy handling of a current tripod, no insult to the person. I know you want to make the current look bad, but it was being used in no manner a normal person with any experience would do.

No worries and no offence taken, you made a valid point. PT

I took a quick look at your blog and didn’t see it… are you going to share some of the process with us :wink:

Eventually I will, got to sort out a few things first, as mentioned by everyone above, the long cables being first on the list. As this was an iterative prototype, I didn’t build it as simply as I could, so I’ll make another one that’s much easier to build as threading the cables on this one was a nightmare!