One&Co bought by HTC!


Frog bought by Flextronics, fuseproject aligning with Jawbone, One&Co being bought by HTC…interesting trend.

  • Why buy the cow when you can pay per project?

  • Why not steal some talent and start your own in-house department?

  • Are design firms that profitable that they’re becoming investment vehicles?

  • Are we living in an alternate universe where instead of allowing corporations to fail because of poor business plans the government will become your business partner?

    ARGGHHH… My head hurts.

don’t forget the grandfather of them - Steelcase and IDEO

Didn’t Flex dump Frog a couple years ago?

Ideo & Steelcase was a long time ago though. I think these three are interesting because the buyers are all in communications. Are they all foreign too?

$5 million…now we know how much design is worth!

In consultancy you’re always trying to do your best: “How can we do all this within the budget?”

Once you’re in bed with a big backer like Teague/Boeing IDEO/(formerly) Steelcase, Frog etc., there’s the inevitable sitting back a bit and some coasting to make a smaller amount of endeavor go a long way. “What’s the least we have to deliver this time?” Commitment and passion fall away and the mediocrity takes hold.

It’ll be interesting to look at One&Co’s in a few years time.