On-line portfolio for an old guy

As I am looking for a job in Hong Kong and I am in the US, I took my first steps toward putting my portfolio on-line. I have never done a web site so I used the Earthlink templated system, which I am not sure I like. I may have to load Dreamweaver on my computer.

I am looking for a Design Management position so I have tried to include some management pages.

Let me know what you think.


This is very much a work in progress.

how come you don’t have a corefolio?

I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Sorry, that was the short answer. I just woke up from a nap.
I am currently using a VP from a large corporation and a VP from a large consulting company as mentors. They have reviewed and helped me polish my resume. I am still finalizing the portfolio for their review. As they review it I am going to get them to pick out some appropriate Teaser images to make a 3-5 page portfolio. That Teaser is what I will put on Core.

If you are an ‘old guy’ then you should know how to hire a professional to help you design and code your site. Yes, it works but it doesn’t look professional. You could hire a student that would create a much more impressive site than what have you currently.

Web design is a specialty just like industrial design or graphic design. You are not going to be able to make a great site overnight. Dreamweaver | computer is similar to pencil | paper… just a tool. It will not teach you how to design or understand concepts like navigation.

BTW I don’t know how old you are but that has nothing to do with it. I would recommend you stop thinking of yourself as an ‘old guy’ unless you are eligible for social security.

Lauren - You take things way too seriously. The “Old guy” comment was just a joke.

I don’t want a web site, just a location for prospective employers to look at my stuff. I plan to make this site even simpler than it already is.

I love the idea of a simple portfolio site, and tried to strip my own site down to the essentials, making it as clean as possible. I think your site would be even cleaner if you had a more intuitive navigation system- group related pages into larger groups that can be accessed from a higher-level menu,

Yeah, jroth, navigation was one of the the things I hated about the templates. Sounds like it’s time for Dreamweaver.

If you want something simple you might check into the creativehotlist. They will host 3 collections of 9 samples at $36 per 6 months. Your resume will also be included.


You might also consider making a PDF booklet of your work. You can then just attach it to an email. The prospective employer can then print it out and distribute if need be.

Yes I did understand ‘old guy’ as a joke but the advice was very real. The term ‘old guy’ doesn’t have a positive connotation in this context. Makes you sound dated and out of touch.

Lauren -Thanks for the input. I will check out creative hotlist and do plan to make PDF teaser.

Some days when I read some of these threads I do feel out of touch. The way people treat each other when they are not face to face is terrible.

The PDF email attachment works wonders with propspective employers/clients, just make sure not to let the file size get too out of hand. I second the comment about the navigation as well. You also might want to separate your “management” stuff from your “product design” stuff just to make it easy to view the 2 somewhat disparate kinds of content.

I would try to focus on the projects/products you’re especially proud of, and present them in a more prominent manner. At this point (and I realize it’s a work in progress) all of the content on the site has the same importance based solely on the size of the images and the amount of space dedicated to any one project. If you really want your site to be simple, I would just post a small number of your best projects to get the dialog started with potential employers. You’ll always want to be able to show them some more work later as the meetings/negotiations continue…

so, who do you want to work for, looks like you’re getting totally ready for something you have planned for.

The industry is not especially that important to me. I just want to firmly move into the people and project management area. I like getting the departmental stuff right and allow others to excel at the design of specific projects. I am finding the design of systems very interesting.

I am bored with the US, and have a great love for Hong Kong and China, but prefer to live in Hong Kong. It is such a happening city.

I am talking to a few companies currently as well as Hong Kong contacts I have. I am trying to find the right fit. I have been working on this since spring of last year and have just started ramping up my search.

Nate - I do plan to cut this portfolio down. Right now I have overdone it to give my mentors a chance to do some editing for me. Thanks for the input.

That’s why I try to lead by example. I’m not saying I have never been attacked on this board but not often (when I actually sign in.) I like to think its because I have set an example.

I’m not one of the younger people on this list either. Not sure if I am as old as you :wink:

Being a southern gentleman I would never ask your age, but I am 39.

do you drink tea?

I love the teas made from flowers that you get in China. I also really like Oolong.

Of course per my previous reply I also drink a fair share of iced and sweetened tea. And no you can’t sweeten tea once it is cold. :slight_smile:

Hey Tim

I have a few years on you. We are not old!

Lauren - I don’t feel old and you don’t write old, so we must be doing okay :slight_smile:

Ufo, on the other hand must be very old :smiley: