OMG this is just stunning

Them Italian boys (and girls) know how to womp up a purty automobile.

I actually had the opportunity to visit them, talk to some of their designers and see that model in person. They’ve done some stunningly beautiful car designs.

yes they have and if that little crumpet don’t get to the market somebody should do a clone and sell it to re body all the Pontiac 2 seat roadsters out there (ugly little mutts).

phew! I’m gettin’ hot and bothered lookin’ at that. My favorite view is pic # 30, where it shows the interior, and the detail on the cutouts behind the seats. Sexy.

The Pininfarina lines have always been quite the inspiration to me! They do have a spectacular notion of timeless design.

It’s interesting that the metaphor of headlights as eyes is starting to disssolve (I’m guessing due to LEDs). The front almost reminds me of something from the flip-up headlight era.

I’m still seeing eyes. They’re just squinty.

I saw a PinaFarina product PPT just this month. The work was VERY nicely presented, and there were lots of reference to Ferrari in the imagery :wink:. Very iconic work

enhh. It’s okay, kind of Solstice-derivative. The hot now car for me is totally the CTS-V Coupe - it oozes awesomeness. Photographs cannot contain it.