OMG!!!! Another esuvee

Guess what this is? Probably some GMC, or the same car branded differently. The engineer got all nervous and asked me not to take pics. Whatever! I’m gonna post it all over the web!

looks to me like you caught the next Trailblazer (like we need another one) and possibly a Caddy version.

Send to and you may become famous for these photos.

yea ripped the bra off and revieled the teets.
Those calculators are big, could hurt.

How should I address it?
“Yo, I’ve got what you want, wire me cash or it will be destroyed?”

Anyhow, I don’t really care… I mean, it’s not some exotic sportscar or something. Just an esuveeee.

I’m sure we would all agree that when there are 8~10 engineers armed with biga55 graphic calculators, designers should pocket their verithins and keep it low…

thats why i carry blue foam dust in my pocket. I can throw it in engineers eyes when we come to physical disputes. Like the chinese dude in Bloodsport. AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Dust won’t work cus they all wore thick glasses.

Careful spilling secrets or Stephen Hayes will come after you and talk you to death or give you a rap on the neck from the ichimonji no kamae stance. Might even tag team with Bussey.

Looks to me like you caught one of the 2007 Cadillac Escalade test mules. Just look at the size compared to the current Chevrolet Suburban its parked next to. And that front view looks like a Caddy grill to me. Nice snag!

Those are one of the new full size redesign.
So, it is not really “another SUV”. It is a line of SUVs that is long in the tooth and in need of a rework/redesign.
There have been other images here and there.
Still a good find.

It’s the new vinyl SUV cover for owners who are rightfully ashamed of driving such ugly, stupid, wasteful, dangerous yet boring IQ signifiers.

… probably the new Porsche Quattroporte

…or possibly the next gen Chevrolet Aveo? Hmmm…


Well, there’s not plywood showing so I’m reasonably confident that it isn’t an Africar.

Chevrolet Aveo or Africar … Chevrolet Aveo or Africar … Chevrolet Aveo or Africar … no contest; Africar wins, hands down.

Well, well, well, what do we have here?

Chevrolet Yukon