OMFG! Does the world really need a 916 mL cup of coffee?

I have to say that I find this little piece of marketing seems to be the last straw for my camel carrying what’s left of my faith that there is any kind of shift away from excess consumption.

Starbucks new Trenta, 916 mL cup of coffee:

Haha… it’s Starbucks they are the epitome of what is not needed.
They meet the demands of there customers

Check the trademark filings for Starbuck Quaranta and Starbuck Cinquanta and guess the future…

Photo without comment:

Of course, since it’s Starbucks, that 916ml cup will be filled with 800ml of ice,100ml of syrup, 15ml of milk, and 1ml of coffee.

I happen to work for a cup manufacturer to the large guys, we also make those hated foam clamshell carryout containers, the black bottom clear lid deli trays in your supermarket and the forks’ spoons. We are working on new materials too, but that’s all I can say about that. The environment is important to us also.

I can tell you, everybody wants a bigger cup. The bigger the better. More print area, brighter colors and stronger sealing lids. We actually had to limit our sizes because we did not have a machine that could run them over 62oz in Polypro. We are getting bigger machines to make bigger cups, of all materials.
And of course, all the cups have to fit in a vehicles cup holder, use a lid already made or one that will work across the entire new line.

IT is crazy how many large cups we propose every year.

Wow. That’s incredible. I thought Super Size Me helped make the cups smaller, but I guess I was wrong.

I’m actually stoked… I can’t get a big enough container for my unsweetened tea.

hmmmm… maybe it’s not how much that’s the problem but the drink in the first place.

I’m actually stoked… I can’t get a big enough container for my unsweetened tea.

hmmmm… maybe it’s not how much that’s the problem but the drink in the first place.

That is quite ridiculous, but I hope we let market forces do their job and it will (hopefully) be discontinued sometime soon. =)

Ha! That’s funny… Not in this country.

I realized earlier that Wendy’s has had a 42oz. size for years. They just no longer call it the Biggie. This cup is 916ml or 31 oz. 42 oz is 3.5 cans of soda.

I wonder if any truck drivers frequent starbucks with those 2 gallon mug things. It is America after all. =)

I was going to say - doesn’t 80% of that volume get filled with ice though? It would be interesting to do a survey of how much liquid actually gets dispensed into a biggie size cup.

That doesn’t explain this 916ml monster. You think a bunch of customer walked up to the clerks or managers “Hey, I want a 916ml cup!”? “I NEED a 916ml cup, PULEAAAZE!” I doubt it. But now lots of customers are gonna try it simply because its new and - of course - the biggest thing in town! Anyhow, I sure dont want to trade with those customers because all that caffeine will give them an equal big crash later. Not to mention the general harm to the body. Like my dad always says: “every person digs their own grave”.

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If I drank that I would be shaking and sweating profusely. :open_mouth:

That’s my new Facebook profile picture sorted, thankyouverymuch! :smiley:

Here’s another that I like:

Big Gulps, Huh? Alriiiight. Welp, see ya later!

I’m more amused at the “outrage” at the scenario where someone wants to provide more options to their customer.
Its so silly.
Who cares, really?
Is the cup too big for you? GET A SMALLER ONE!

What if I want more iced tea and/or ice?
What if I want to sip on it throughout the 8 hour work day?
How dare I!

two segments of the(coffee) market, glupers and gourmets. Lots of money in both but as we all know nobody ever went broke underestimating the (taste) of the average consumer. That said, I am going to target the latter with my products, its just more fun.