Olympic torches

3 or 4 months ago I was asked by the Vancouver Olympic Committee to draft a proposal for the medals… don’t think I got it though… awesome to be asked all the same.

Personally, I love what the Olympics stand for. They are all about the natural human drive for achievement.

once your able to show the proposal it would be cool to see it.

It was just a financial/process proposal. I wasn’t allowed to propose any designs.


Who was the main point of contact?

And a great venue for experimental bio chemistry!

'96 looks like a lightsaber, and LA and Montreal remind me of stielhandgrenaten. (perhaps I play too many videogames?) I’m leaning towards the Asiatic ones.

An update from a few posts back in this thread.

Bombardier is doing the design of both the Olympci Torch and the main"caldron" for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

As a local designer I have to admit this is fairly frustrating. Granted, Bombardier is a Canadian company and an Olympic Sponsor… And I’m sure they are more than capable of pulling off the project.

That being said…All of the venues, logos, medals, etc… were put out for public RFP to select the candidates. There was no such RFP for the torch - essentially the only real ID project associated with the games. IMO Bombardier has essentially been handed the job as part of their sponsorship deal.



The Vancouver Winter Olympics torch was just unveiled.

Initially I was a little underwhelmed - seeing it at a distance on TV doesn’t do much for some of the subtle surface details - and the white color doesn’t help. Upon closer inspection it is a bit more interesing.

The images in the online gallery at the link below show a bit more regarding the design, construction, and internal components.

Full design spec is available here:


I’m not sure why the above image won’t display - if I can find another one I’ll edit the post and replace it.


I am just so f***ing glad it isn’t another innukshuk design that I can’t help but love it. Thank Gods VANOC didn’t ask ECIAD (or is it ECU now?) to lead the process, it would have been a hemp torch or a Native art mask that breaths fire.

Big wow. WOW. This is far better than Montreal’s torch was hehe.

This thing looks very maximalist. Man, Canada is actually right with an emerging trend. I hope all those corporations looking for design consultants assume that all of us Canadian designers are ahead of the curve!

It looks like he spent some time working on the flame and functional parts of the design that produce it… it’s a cool angle, to design the flame shape and size - I like the way it starts along the trailing edge of the torch

The 2010 Olympic Torch takes its inspiration from the cool, crisp and modern lines that are left behind in the snow and ice from winter sports.

This is an interesting inspiration too