Olympic torches

Pick your fav. I think I like the Athens one the most. However, I like the attention to graphics on the new Beijing torch. On the other hand, the Moscow torch’s Soviet modernism makes me smile.

Beijing 2008:

Athens 2004:

Sydney 2000:

Atlanta 1996:

Barcelona 1992:

Seoul 1988:

LA 1984:

Moscow 1980:

Montreal 1976:

Even more at: http://torchrelay.beijing2008.cn/en/archives/pasttorches/

96 atlanta, looks like a blend of classic greek and geek.

i was at the Olympic museum in Lausanne, Switzerland last year and by far the best exhibits in the museum where the torches and medals from years past.

my favorite metal is the one from 2006 turino.

it struck me as an amazing example of design style. the functions are the same (mostly…apparently the weight of Sydney torch made it unbearable for some) but the design represented the time and location of the games.

Here’s the Torino:

I like the Athens the best.

I only posted summer olympic torches. Oddly, most of the winter game torches are very ordinary and dull. Torino and Albertville being the exception:

Designed by Phillipe Starck. I don’t know about anyone else, but it reminds me of some organic matter. It’s oddly proportioned too and looks too large to be held comfortably.

lol. I’m daft. by ‘metal’ i meant medal.

here is the Torino medal i was referring too.

both displays in the museum are sweet. The torches aren’t in a case, they are in a semi circular arrangement…about 15-20 of em.
The medals are in a case but they have the gold, silver and bronze of a ton of games, maybe 40 iirc.

Id have to say i like the athens one the best… because of the olive-wood
the symbolism is meaningful and it’s downright beautiful

914: looks like any other starckerie (kinda carrotish)

I think the Torino one is pretty cool. It was designed by Pininfarina and is meant to reflect the auto design heritage of the area surrounding Torino. The Beijing torch is quite nice…

As a Vancouver resident and designer…I’m looking forward to seeing what is going to happen with the Vancouver 2010 torch. There really hasn’t been any announcements regarding the design prcess - which is odd as the games aren’t that far away and it is a pretty challening project. There are numerous challenges including the low volumes, weather proofing, and fuel storage that make it a pretty interesting project.

Agreed…any idea who’s doing the design work on it?

not sure about the torch, but the medal design is open to the public…or was…

looks a lot like a personal pleasure device for the sadomasocistic.

I’m digging the Montreal one actually. The Starck torch is like a hybrid turd/penis. Yeps, thats Starck and why we love him!

I find the Montreal torch funny for a number of reasons. Here is a quote from the Olympic website on the design of that torch:

The graphics and design management team of the Organising Committee for these Games opted for a functional design and a lightweight material, aluminium, thinking that each runner had to run one kilometre holding the torch.

It almost sounds like they just bought one from Canadian Tire (Canada’s Wal-mart), and painted it red. Here is a quote about the Starck Albertville torch from the same Olympic website:

A French designer with an international reputation, Philippe Starck, was responsible for the design of the torch; this was a first in the history of the Olympic Games.

I’m going to assume that they mean this was the first torch designed by a designer rather than cobbled together by a manufacturer or designed by commitee. What I find funny is that Montreal torch was designed by well-known Montreal designer (relatively unknown outside Canada), but the Montreal games were 26 years before Albertville!

Not only does this poor designer not get credit for being the first designer to do a torch, but even on the page for the torch it describes it as a product of design by committee.

I was going to ask IP is he made a proposal to the Vancouver committee to do the design of the torch, but after seeing this, I guess it’s not that good for your name!

I am in a bit of an odd spot with the Olympics. It’s a Canadian Hosted Olympics and I am American. Albeit, I have now lived in Vancouver as long as I have lived in the States…so there you go.

As there has been no public call for proposals for the 2010 torch… I have been thinking that they might have offered it directly to someone.

If they wanted a “name” I suppose that Frank Ghery might be an interesting choice…
Although in my opinion he really messed up the design of the trophy for the World Hockey Chanpionships. I remember the first time it was presented the players had no idea how to hold it - the looks on their faces were hilarious.

I just hope that it’s not designed by his majesty Karim Rashid.

One of my highschool math teachers was a torchbearer for the 96 games… He kept his torch in his classroom… wish I had taken a closer look at it at the time. Man that thing was heavy…

This would make a sweet competition, Olympic Committee.

I thought K-Rash already designed the 2010 Vancouver torch…?

3 minutes in PS to illustrate the new Vancouver concept…

a purple upside down snow cone…how innovative.