Oldie but goodie - file under carpentry

I built my second office desk this weekend. It’s much better than my first, and one reason is the clamp. I bought two 8" clamps similar to this one to help glue my beast together. It reminded me of how much an improvement the design is over the traditional C-clamp.

Not beautiful, but a pleasure to use:

This is like mine. Better looking than the Irwin:

and now a photo of your desk…???

Soon! I need to stain it and install it. Also, I need to make sure it looks OK before I show it publicly. I loved the last desk I made, but it looked very childish. This one should be more grown-up.

The wood shop may just be one of the things I miss most about school, cutting apart and modifying stuff from IKEA is fun but just isn’t the same.

Missing the wood shop…same here. Students, take advantage while you’re still in school.

And don’t listen to your wife when she says that you won’t want/need a garage or workshop…not that I am bitter.

I find dining rooms and living rooms just as good as workshops. Although, I have to limit my work to the hours between 12 and 8. I have neighbors you know!

Now for something completely different, my new desk: