Older student- Second Bachelor's or Grad degree

I have been applying to school for graduate ID and starting to think it is not wise because of not having a chance of getting accepted. I don’t really want to get a second Bachelor’s and would rather be around students my age but I want a good degree from a reputable school. I come from somewhat of an art/design background but I have a BA. I am basically looking for advice on what types of school would be best and what is a good way to approach this in case i need to reapply next year…

The Institute of Design, www.id.iit.edu would allow you to get a design degree in three years, one year of foundation and two years of the master of design, and the average age of the student body is 29. I should know :stuck_out_tongue: I calculated it.

What’s the best CAD package?

you shouldn’t have much trouble getting into PRATT, don’t worry.

but since it’s 3 years there (or anywhere taking non-ID) you could’ve gotten a Bachelors without spending time doing all the reading for seminars and writing reports or doing someones TA work at a grad program.
You could’ve transferred u.g. general education credits, and taken more marketing/engineering/anthropology/CAD…

why shouldn’t you be accepted?
I come from another field as well and got a bachelor degree in Culinary Arts! Now I applied to Parsons and they are quite open do students from other fields as long as you can make them understand how you earlier experiences can influence you as a designer!

Parsons for example doesn’t have a formula and there are a few every year getting in because the school can see some potenial even though you sketches and drawings suck!

They will ask you to dig in but they will give you a chance to get in shape!