old sketches

last post had dead link to coroflot. so posting onto image hosting site this time. sorry for that.

found this digging for Canson. did while still in school. kinda old now. scanned in pieces. drawing is maybe 36" wide. done on vellum using blue pencil, black marker and couple pastels. no white out details. fast sketch. maybe 10 minutes or so. can see the wrinkles (it was 77’d to foam core). and real yellow from age. removed the yellow and added the background after scanning. makes for nice underlay to get some Wacom practice. long way to go with the tablet…

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Hot sketch, where have all the cool concept road bikes gone…

done back when road bikes were the “in” thing to do. carbon fiber bodies. hubless wheels. i don’t pull out the sticks much anymore. might have to make some time. tablet is 9x12. not much arm movement there.

doing a little office cleaning (pre-blistering cold winter) and just found some big pads of vellum. and a couple “car-cut” pads of newsprint buried under some old drawings. all these materials to play with. what to do. what to do.

think this is the sketch preceeding the one above. underlay maybe. probably kept it for the bottom part. looks tighter. too tight. maybe a 30 minute labor.

this was done around same time as the bikes. all date back to '93. this one’s a rough concept for an asymmetric supercar. hotrod elements (Chrysler had us doing hotrods for the semester). probably almost an hour for this. wasn’t sure what i was doing. but liked the idea. never did anything with it though. might throw this into Maya.

not seeing any pen or pencil. this was only black marker worked front and back. the color is Air Marker (remember that?). never did work as advertised. and white goache (and a white Prismacolor now i look). background is spray painted right on the vellum. add another 20 minutes to mask off the sketch (note overspray on top right!).

found these photocopies in unbound sketch stack. project started out ambitious (dont they all). got ripped down to this. then got ripped some more. final product doesnt even look like this anymore. thankfully that was a while ago.

awesome stuff man, thanks for posting them!

wow, they did get ripped- but still ended up with a fine bag, I think the secondd pannel has the most diverse and unique bag out of the three. I like the three sytem strap-like it has wings. so what happen politics step in ?

is this as far as they got did they end up becoming anything more??

also is tht a rubber bottom on the last bag- the texture on it kind of resembles a sole of a hiking boot. cool

this is all from a second pass. first pass has stuff i cant show. first was more radical. mixing materials and functions. this was longer phase trying to save ideas of first but reduce cost. didnt save much of anything tho. bottom image is all thats left after “intra-rips” of 2nd pass. bottom one still wasnt final. it got ripped in a third phase where price was all that mattered. so rubber sole (you’re right) got dumped real fast! not many sketches in 3rd phase. its where i sat in a Chinese sample room and sketched out ideas to match price targets. didnt save those.

so when u were in china did you work with the pattern makers, did you actually make these samples, or did they stay 2-d.

I am just wondering because i am cureous how the production of accessories like bags are produced, and for example clothes, i wonder how that differs from for example shoes design production.

alot less going in creating a pair of jeans of course than a pair of reebok’s but like bags for example, many times alot goes into there design and construction.


in China didnt usually work directly w patternmaker. sometimes. but mostly w owner’s #2 (only worked w two companies in China, two others w offices in U.S.).

i had previous experience w seamstress prototyper here. i’d draw up pseudo-patterns. sit all day w her (think Aunt Bea from Mayberry). figure out how to make stuff. was more problem solving (i should post couple of shots). that helped alot in understanding sewn stuff. [excess trimmed]

havent done shoes. but would guess they add more steps in assembling/glueing sole. similar but different. bags get turned inside out alot during assembly. Yo could discuss [the differences] better than me.

no i understand footwear production, I was able to see that when i went to china this past summer to put out some samples, but i was just interested in clothing production…

thanks for the post

sorry. i meant he could probly explain comparison between bags and shoes better.

I doubt that,

Having done both, the soft parts are pretty similar. The cool part about shoes is that you have all of the constryction issues to tackle in the upper, and all of the molding concerns to tackle in the tooling, not to mention all of the ergonomic considerations. The human body is amazing in its ability to adapt to poor design, and some designers like to ignore a lot of the oportunity to make footwear work better, but it’s there for the taking.

Just like bags, there are several tried and tested ways to put a shoe together, it is also flipped inside out several times in the process. Once this little bag is all sewn up, it turned right side out, a foot form or last is put inside, and the tooling is adheered. A lot of craft in the process, it’s a mazing that these little techno gems are the end product.

Whaen I started doing shoes, I kept thinking there must be a way to mass produce these without so much human labor. I looked into a lot of molding techniques, but realisticly, you make a design for a month or so. So molding the entire shoe would be a waste of tooling, considering you need molds for eah foot and then for like 30 sizes and half sized that is 60 sets of molds to ametise in a month. So the tooling costs are kept as low as possible, limiting molds to small parts in the upper, the foam midsole, and the rubber outsole…

probably wat too much info, I’m just procrastinating.

thanks. Yo have you ever ventured into clothing and apperal? I saw on ur portfolio some active gear glasses…was tht it?

I used to work at a design consultancy, we had a wide aray of clients, so I got to do eyewear, time pieces, medical equipment, housewares, toys, and consumer electronics in addition to footwear. It was a good run for about 5 years.

old school sketches. most are scanned from photocopies. quality suffers. just a variety of things.

link to big version

YKH-could you explain what is going on in each sketch i and and others could get a better understanding-

the toaster that will kick your ass-that made me laugh-cool to see that humor in a sketch-like it and the consistancy of your sketching-what is the 4th one??? cool looking also


could you fill us in on this Image Shack thing. Right now I’m hogging like 4 corfolios to post my stuff. (I have them set not to be seen in the portfolios section)

1 - supercar. early sketch for school project. '92 i think. was blueline on vellum.

2 - basic chair. ideation render. blonde wood (another design done in beech). inlay on back. cherry. velvet cushion. ideas all over. this was my traditional idea.

3 - this one applies to Slam #1. first of 9. its an ink mixer for artists. custom colors at home.

4 - ceramic sculpture. was into ceramics. aquatic forms. did a series of these. included some pieces i made. after internship (and worrying about consumer this, consumer that) i wanted to make dangerous objects! still have the ones i fired.

5 - recharging stand for cordless iron. modeled it. might post in Projects eventually.

6 - pull toy. continue theme of dangerous products. this project was distraction. spent little/no time on it. but did make model. will post… somewhere.

7 - POP hosiery display. futuristic ideations. one page of many. exploring idea of interactive presentation of materials to consumer. both virtual and physical.

big image will have notes maybe worth reading.