Old-School Tools

Starting a thread to show off our favorite tools, be they for sketching, designing, or whatever’s your treasure. I’m a gearhead and love nice tools, so I know I’ll post a bunch and hope all you other tool geeks do as well.

First post and thread topic inspired by Yo’s “whatsit?” challenge from his Sketch A Day thread:
(Apple: insanely great or just good enough - a second look)

Koh-I-Noor pencil extender thingy. And a set of sweeps I made while in school. I still use the former; the latter not so much these days.

Looking forward to seeing more treasures, folks.

dang, wish I still had my sweeps! I do most of that super tight stuff in illustrator these days. Do kids still have to make sweeps?

I’m class of '02 and I didn’t one could make sweeps. Now I want to make some after seeing those!

I did have a classmate that bought a set of 30+ french curves. Always difficult to find the one you need from a per-manufactured set though.

I still have my 2d print out template that we used to make our own sweeps off of in college (too poor to buy the real one :smiling_imp: )

Chevis, a professional brought his sweeps into class and let us trace them so we could make our own. :slight_smile:


with the image you would just need one for scale… (perhaps made from purple heart :stuck_out_tongue: )

One from the “fine measuring tools” drawer of the toolchest (Sharpie for scale, glass container to hold stuff down for photographing).

Keuffel & Esser 100’ tape:
_made in the U.S.
_folding hand rewinder knob w/detent capture
_tape end has folding hook to anchor one end as you walk it out
_real leather wrap
_weighs 4 lbs. -ish
_rollers for smooth retraction of tape

I estimate its age at 60+ years. Works like a charm. Though to be honest, my need for a 100’ tape is pretty infrequent! Good for exterior building and small lot measurements.