Old-School Portfolios

Priority Design, a product design firm based in Ohio, posted a page on their site describing their Old-School Portfolio review. The employees were invited to bring in and share their college portfolios. Everyone from the company president through designers to model makers, with varying years of professional experience under their belts, participated. The portfolios showed a different face of the employees than what most of them knew.

Below is a random image from my college days:

Approximate date - 1994. Note the small size, and GIF format - screens were 640 X 480 back then! Now I am a partner at Core77 - who would have known?

How about some some other old scool posts? Include your current position.

This is not my design. This sketch I did for a presentation board at the begining of a sophmore project. It was a redesign project. I’ve always liked those watercolor architecture renderings, so I tried to give this old popcorn popper that look. I think I did a good job. It also enhances that retro-70’s look.

My professor told me about the ‘popcorn pumper’, “someone thought this looked hot enough to approve at sometime”. Indeed.

I’m currently a freelance designer with two years experience. I’ve designed skates, car audio equipment, coffee dispensing machines and a few other things.

Circa 1994…

My first ever 3D model and rendering!!! Alias version 5, SGI Indigo circa 1994

My first 3D rendering ever - freshman or sophmore (?) year of college, ca. 2001 (I haven’t been at this too long!). Modeled it in Rhino in my spare time; taught myself Rhino for fun. lol. I’ll have to see if I can find any of my early hand renderings.

back in the old country, we would render at the farm, now we have whole ‘render farms’…ahhh, how times have changed
an old stereo illustration i did back in college, all traditional media