Old Kicks!

Seeing the new purchases can be quite interesting but i was thinking that perhaps seeing the old favourites that we just cannot stop wearing might be equaly interesting!
I bought these Pumas a few years ago. When i first saw them in store I thought they were a bit strange but now I love them dearly. the asymetry of the vamp area is what really floats my boat.
as you can see they have definatley seen better days but I’m hoping they’ll see another summer! (especialy as we havn’t had a summer this year in the UK!)
beloved pumas.jpg

Am I really the only one who owns / wears / loves shoes that should perhaps be trashed ?

No wives or girlfriends sayin’ havent you thrown those damn things yet?"

No sentimental value only items ?

Go on , show me the scummyness that’s too close to your heart to discard !

. . .here’s some dearly loved considerations of mine . . .(man , that solely eva bottom unit is buttery soft eh!)

oops - here they are !

My much loved converse Lan racers are on their last legs as the ripstop fabric is now looking embarrasingly tired , and I cant find another pair anywhere . . or anything i like as much ! :frowning:

Big up to whoever designed 'em - I hope they get a re-release at some point :slight_smile:

Loved these shoes dearly for a year