old company wants me

My old company wants me to tweak some things on a project I did while I was employed there. It will probably take me about 10 minutes of my time to complete. There might be an opportunity later down the road to work on more stuff - but currently thing that needs to be fixed now.

How can I go about charging them? I was paid hourly when I worked there.

If there’s potential for future work…do it for free.

Its 10 minutes. Not worth squabbling over.

and also market yourself while there, don’t miss the opportunity for self promotion.

Absolutely…I suppose in my mind that was a given but needed to be stated. Free is never “Free”.

Any suggestions on how I should go about charging them if I receive new projects from them?

For the quick 10-minute stuff, I’d suggest doing it for free. Keep in mind that your fee is actually keeping yourself in good standing with a company. That’s NEVER a bad thing.

But once this little fix is complete, I’d suggest handing them a general proposal indicating how much you intend to charge per hour and the terms for payment. Since you’ve worked closely with them before and know their products/clients, you’re worth much more than another freelancer. Don’t forget that. YOU are a hot item now.