old boring plates....

is there anyway I can easily (and at home) add permanent designs, colours or graphics to plates and other table ware???

are there paints or dyes that can be used?

I want to revamp some boring plates… anyone/???

I saw inkjet prints applied somehow to dinnerware plates on an old episode of trading spaces. I don’t recall the method… perhaps the iron-on papers you can buy?

How is it that those those mall-stands apply photos to mugs?

I think the mugs are done by a dye-sublimation process. I think there is heat involved.

if they are just “artsy” and do not have to hard edge detail Pebeo makes a number of products thatcan be used. i guess you could whip up a type of mini silkscreen if you want better resolution. I’m not sure they do coffee mugs buts I’m sure it’s a silkscreen or pad printing process.
(not talking about those put your pic on a mug type of process)

well, i was thinking of really simple patterns, stripes, etc- jsut on plain white plates. not full photos or anything…
how can i whip up a “mini silkscreen”…?

The artsy-crafty stuff…

Jo Sonja’s glass and tile painting medium - I’ve never used it but it seems that you can mix the medium with any color to create the paint that will bond to a surface…and then you bake it at 330F?


Pebeo Porcelain 150 – a water-based, thermo-hardening paints…


Pebeo Porcelain 150 Paint Markers…

Yes…How can one whip a mini silkscreen?