Okay ... I call B*llsh*t !

The p o r n o/realestate/etc. SPAM is really getting out of hand … don’t you think?

I understand that SPAM is inevitable on the internet, but I believe it is seriously affecting Core’s credibility. I have, in the past, referred business associates, and friends, to this website; I hesitate to do so now.

What would it take to implement a ‘security code’ prior to each posting?
I don’t know if ‘security code’ is the right term; I’m referring to the distorted, alpha/numeric sequence that must be visually interpreted, and re-entered by the poster.

It would be a PITA, but one I don’t think any of us would find it that troublesome.


I think this is a great idea! I hope it catches on.

We’ve been throwing around some ideas over the past year, from minor overhauls to complete redesign. CoreHQ is working on it, and your input (and pain) is definitely being heard.

Keep the feedback coming, it only pushes us further and gives us more insight.

We’ve implemented a visual confirmation (the curvy letters) for new registrations, which seems to have helped. A bit.

But lately we’ve had a rash of spam posts as replies to messages. These are harder to prevent. We’ve banned one particularly offensive IP, which was being used to post many spam messages from many different user accounts.

Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to employ a full time anti spam engineer. And believe me the spam in the blog comments is jast as prevalent as it is here.

If anyone out there knows of a PHPBB expert who is willing to donate his or her time to helping us we will shower them with tshirts and stickers and gift baskets! Please help us keep this forum viable by sourcing a PHPBB expert to help us!

I use a PHP based blog engine for my blog called Pivot. You can find it at Pivotlog.net

With it comes an anti spam filter that so far has been flawless. As I understand, others have had some problems with it, but so far it has worked great for me.

have a look at their community area and you might be able to get some help as to how it might translate to PHPBB.


For short term solutions, you can appoint more members with the authority to delete messages and useless threads.