Ok let's do this

I know it has been talked about a few times before but let’s get some trading going on here.

cat trap?

how about a catnip filled mouse under a litter box proped up on a rubber bone with a leash tied to it.

that’s about the best i can do


hey. congrats on the Core news post. fun stuff. can i get you to check out Vinyl Toys thread? you might have some advice/answers.

sorry dude, i do most of my trading within the company in my shoes for watches, clothing, eyewhear, and bags program.

If I get any 13’s will let you know fersure though. I’m a 12 so sometimes people give me 13’s by mistake.

I’ll take those 13’s. You’re a 12, I wouldn’t have thought.

when you talk as much crap as me, i guess i had to have a big foot to put in my big mouth!

13’s for skinny, OK

i am a 13 boot and a 14/13 shoe-

i will take nything -i collect shoes-counted 350 two summers ago havent counted recently-trade-hmm sounds interesting-like back in the day with basketball cards-

alot of that shoe finding and tradiing seems to go on at niketalk

this is like the big shoe club in here. I thought you where sample size DV? I’ll see what I can do but it will be awhile.

i went to college with Skinny, so he kind of gets prefrence, or seniority or whatever.

Anybody a mens 9 or ladies 7 who wants to trade kit, let me know, that is much easier for me.

naw- I am 6 3 '4

was gonna play college ball was on a traveling aau basketball team-

I went through alot of kicks playing on the corts growing up-

it is the shoe club-expanding out

i heard skinny is an athlete too- i found being in sports growing up very helpful in my work ethic and thinking process-and has helped alot in my footwear designs

opps-didnt clarify

6ft 4 in

cat trap, what? are u one of them nasty Canadians?

12’s would be good too, depends on the cut, I gotta send you a footprint, lol!!! This thread has been officially hijacked.

Canadians ransom cats? cool. i’ll need a catspeak translator. for when they ask me to put it on the phone. dont want it saying anything i cant understand.

surprised not more takers. i give my samples away as gifts. nothing to trade.