Ok, for the cut the BS group! LOL!

Hi Yall,

I’m Anthony, from Arkansas, YES FREAKIN ARKANSAS, and orginally Texas. I’m a damn proad southern boy, yet, my city charms confuse people weither or not i’m gay, which ya i am and damn proad of it as well. But i dont want to make this all about BEING A GAY SOUTHERN BOY, i would like people to get to know people, becuase i understand at times, youre like, eep! You dont know who your people are.

Anyways, I’m goin into Pratt to study Architecture, and will be dorming in the kick ass hall of Stabile! IF ANYONE IS MOVING IN THERE AS WELL…HIT ME UP.

So for all yall guys and gals out there that just love to chat about anything and everything, i’m your man. LOL. Love to chat more on here, but kinda dont feel like rambling on. so feel free to IM me anytime, i’ll most liekly be here, or email for that matter.


Email: Pier8Manhattan@msn.com
AOLIM: Pier7Manhattan

MODs, please kill this thread and others like it.

This is not a personal pipeline for Pratt.

Thank you.

this is a forum for designers to commincate.

get over it “guest”…or ignore it.

Yes, it’s a forum for communicating about Students and Schools. These personal threads probably belong in the General Discussion or, better yet, Off-Topic. Or, make a new category just for Pratt crap.

funny how no one posted in here wanting to talk to the guy who started the topic, and 3 out of the 4 posts where complaining that the topic was here in the first place.

If you resisted the urge to shut the guy down, this topic would have dropped to the bottom of the site. Your posts keep it bumped up to the top.

i got baseball cards.
anyone want to trade