Ohio State University?


What are the Design Programs at the Ohio State University like? Does anyone have any information on that?

Good program - more substance than style. You need to get good internships to pick up aesthetics. But they are very good at teaching you ways to think. Strong grad program even more so than the undergrad, but it is more research oriented.

Big university means that you have a wide diversity of classes. Columbus also has a number of design firms. This surprising density of firms means more internship opportunities, but there is also a saturated market.

Surprising number of people I have met come from the grad program.

i’m actually in the OSU design program right now (junior ID). i’ll second MasterBlaster that we do a lot of design thinking/research, almost to the point that it seems like we are learning more design research than actual product design. drawing isn’t emphasized here (after this coming quarter, i will only have 4 more quarters until graduation, and i have had only ONE course in drawing), although, professors will expect you to have those skills, which means you better learn on your own. OSU in general is a research university, and that is reflected in the undergrad and more so in the graduate programs.

as for internships and such, we are at a disadvantage, because unlike other schools like Univ. of Cincinatti, we don’t have a co-op program or any program, really, that links the students to the professional world. you’re pretty much on your own for finding internships. plus, they emphasize you do your internship over summer, and not during the school year. one guy in our class got an internship for black & decker for this coming quarter, and the dept. basically gave him a hard time about it, because it wasn’t when they wanted him to do it.

i will say that there is a good undergrad exchange/study abroad program. there are a number of schools, from europe to south america, with which we have a good relationship. it seemed like nearly half of the senior class studied abroad this past quarter.

I graduated from the program a few moons ago. trx0x & MasterBlaster have hit the nail on the head as far as the pros and cons. My biggest issues were definitely the lack of emphasis placed on sketching and internships. My sketching improved because I found motivation through a few people who possessed a lot of natural drawing talent.

As far as internships go, they will not come to you, you have to go to them.
I had to constantly pound the pavement and stay up on improving my portfolio. I started knocking on doors my sophomore year. Thankfully I had 2 internships; Fitch & Design Central. I took Design Central as my 1 official internship quarter and the good folks at Fitch worked around my class schedule.

The bottom line is that OSU offers a great program; however, if I was to do it all again I would have gone to Cincinnati. Both schools will hand you a diploma but UC’s co-op program is incredible. The experience you gain in a professional environment is invaluable. Why OSU has yet to follow suit is beyond me.