oh, what must i do for grad school?

looking foward attending parsons, pratt, or risd for grad school and i’m just wondering what advice you can give for a good grad school application- what made you stand out or what you would have done differently…

an MFA is worthless unless you want to teach

hmmm well yes unless it is for architecture, which i apologize for not including

it’s not worthless if you’re changing careers, and don’t have an undergrad in ID

people pursue a grad degree if they have transferable skills, like architcture, engineering, psychology, art, business, etc

do be aware that jobs are hard to find, and if you have an undergrad in ID already, then it won’t do much for you unless you want to teach, even then you need at least a few years of experience

also check out RIT

Outline your thesis and research methods, even citations from a preliminary bibliography. This proves that your serious minded, self motivated and a potential rescource for the institution’s prestige.

Prestige is the key, unless you have a trust fund, the most attractive thing any candidate has to offer is the potential to get published.

Prestige? published? Please, tell me which graduate design degree programs you are talking about.

Try Cranbrook…

The architecture program at Cranbrook is great for SOME people. Bill Massie is about to become the head of the program there, and the school has a tremendous reputation. But, the question isn’t about where to apply (or whether or not a graduate degree is worthless), but about application advice. Don’t you people read the question before posting answers?

---- Look at what the professors in each school are doing, and try and talk to them before you fill out your essays-------
A lot of schools will accept you if you are interested in the same specialties that they are, so the thesis that you come up with will coordinate with their research backgrounds. Because if you join the working world after you graduate, it’s up to them to get your work published, and they’ll be the first author. So see if there are any professors who could potentially be your thesis advisors because they’re interested in the same things you are- i.e. a prof. who works on sustainability, or urban planning issues, or whatever.

not useless if you want to know how to think.

lighten up, it’s all relevant and good info

the thesis advice is nice but probably premature, imo- you don’t want to get locked into something that could change after your first year. do take the time to find out the requirements and think about who you’d like as an advisor.

you should take advantage of the essay to shine and call attention to some of your strongest portfolio pieces. show that you know why you want to go to grad school and have definite goals and expectations. show what you can offer to the program during your studies there. as mentioned earlier, describe your transferable skills. finally, show as wide a range as possible in your selection of portfolio pieces.

Education is rarely ever worthless, if the one seeking education learned something and grew from the experience. The value of education should not be arbitrarily equated with the applicability it has to a particular vocation.