Oh thank god


I love a grey car (been driving one since 2001) but the color options have become so ridiculously paired down that it seems like this could be a point of differentiation. Porsche has always had a ton of limited edition colors that you had to pay more for (on top of an already expensive car). VW tried to roll this out with the Golf Mk7.5 (called the Spectrum program) and they had some great oranges and blues and even a fantastic deep turquoise (I see a GTI in that color driving around my neighborhood)… but again it cost a lot to get one of those colors and they were all special order… and it seems like instead of picking a nice palette they just offered everything under the sun :rofl: which is probably confusing for a lot of regular folks.

Seems to make sense on something like a Fiat 500 which is already a bit of a style choice.

VW needs to do a really sweet deep German silver.

I actually want more brown. Hides dirt. Looks good without being flashy. Timeless.

Miss my 69 Benz.


While I will agree I like brown more than the grey trend, it photographs better than it appears in person. Not my first choice of “color”.


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Oh. I agree with you. My first choice is black.