oh no Mustang

In a secret product planning meeting last fall, key Ford executives discussed a bold strategy to take the legendary Mustang mainstream. Ideas include both sedan and wagon variants of America’s original muscle car, with those cars joining the traditional coupe when the sixth-generation Mustang

Automakers never learn do they? Recently, Porsche has been hit hard by a 17% slide in US sales this year. The lemon in their range is the Cayenne SUV, a vehicle that doesn’t fit their traditional line-up. Now Ford wants to take it’s one gem, the Mustang, and try to rebuild the whole company around it. Let’s hope they don’t ruin the Mustang forever with a move this short-sighted.

Of course the Cayenne sales are dropping off. They havent refreshed the model yet, and the next one isnt coming out until 2007 as a 2008 model year. However it should be noted that although it doesnt “fit” into their line up, it has afforded them the opportunity to post enough of a profit to re-enter LeMans racing, as well as develop the new Panamera sedan. If you factor in that they posted a 1.8 billion dollar profit AFTER tax this year, which was double last years profit, they are clearly doing something right. Afterall, they are working toward buying out VW as we speak…

In addition, just because Porsche (or any other maker) doesnt “traditionally” have an SUV in the lineup, doesnt mean that they arent good at making one. They made is specifically to the US market to make it a cash cow to refinance their racing and model line plans.

Lest we forget that Porsche used to be in the Tractor business, and the VW Beetle isnt exactly in the stable of world class sports cars that Porsche now produces…

Ford maybe trying to figure out a way to cash in on their value (Mustang) and re-invent itself or that brand. I personally am waiting to pass judgement until I see what they do with it. The Mustang brand has so much equity in it, who knows…they might be sucessful.

I hope that is bogus info.
Cheapening the Mustang image is not going to help Ford, and they know it.