oh...no more....who gives a shit about cars and shoes?

come on, people, some depth, pleeeaaaaaseeeeeeeeeee, even some fake depth. if the world doesn’t see another car or shoe WHO CARES?

who gives a fuck.

Evidently a lot of people do because shoes and cars bring in a helluvalot more money than trivets.

so it’s all about the money? what a waste of time. what a greedy, no-brain pursuit. just so that designers can afford to buy all the latest trivets while designing more cars and shoes…and trivets.


I wish to see more car and shoe sketches with people using them. What is the context of the design? Is it the object or the user?

hey grrrrr,

who DOESN’T want their new car to be the latest and greatest?
and who DOESN’T want the latest and greatest shoe to wear while driving around in that new car?

that’s what this life is all about. that’s why we go to school, get a job, slave over the computer/prototype. we are here to exploit the SURFACE and to look good while doing so. who cares about your phony thing called “depth”?

masturbate aesthetically, honey, or else kick yourself to the curb.

well my man, unfortunately shoes and cars are big business. businesses that use design as the main tool in the marketing process. this means there is alot of money and jobs to be had in these fields, albeit they may not be as glamorous as alot of people believe them to be.

what would you rather have people discussing here? we could talk more furniture. but who needs another chair. we could talk tabletop, or we could do consumer electronics, or medical…start a topic and someone will reply.

this site has a lot of outlets for discussion just as our field has many different areas of expertise.

and in the end…yes it is about the money. i may enjoy my job a whole lot, and i may have some sort of wierd passion for my job that my lay friends may not understand but at the end of the month, when rent is i want to get real paid.

molested cow, you nailed it. It is not about the object as the end in itself. It is about the user and the object’s impact on the user, and the user’s impact on the object…above and beyond, “oh, it looks and feels good and I am different and better and shinier than everyone else.”

But so much of ID is simply about the object and its financial cache. I don’t find the thought patterns of ID’ers here to be at all intriguing, though they are infinitely arrogant and degreed.

Hey grrrr, industrial design is about making products for consumption (that, in turn, makes money.) Go ahead and design all of these wonderful environmental friendly do-hickies. Looks great, but doesnt’ bring in money. At that point you are designing for yourself and are only an artist. Nothing wrong with being an artist, but a designer designs products for other people to buy.

When you find a firm that will give you a nice salary while designing products that don’t sell…let us know.

We’re not here to save the world.

war hating limp wristed tree huggin dog lover, go learn what green design REALLY means. GREEN = MONEY bitches

just proof that this board is all style geeks. Shoes and cars suck!

No geek. Just making a living. Design is my profession, not a personal quest. Don’t get me wrong…I love it. It’s great to enjoy your work, but keep in mind it’s still work.

how’s that barefoot walk to the unemployment line treating you?

Truth, cars and shoes are a bit more interesting to talk about than cofee makers for MOST people. They tend to be more expressive products that provoke love/hate reactions (as seen on this board). I think the whole Watch discussion had such longevity for this same reason.

Like someone stated, its an open board, you want to chat about MRI machines, start a topic, there is a lot to talk about there. Not sure why you feel the need to rain on some one elses good time to acheive that.

Shut up dummy.

Only a handful of designers are working on this problem:

Medical errors account for between 44,000 and 98,000 U.S. deaths each year.

A rate greater than motor vehicle accidents, breast cancer or AIDS.

INDUSTRIAL design. 'nuf said.

just proof that this board is all style geeks. Shoes and cars suck!

oh my god he’s right!! I’m never wearing shoes again, and I’m skateboarding to work from now on!! :laughing:

I’m gonna need less abrasive grip tape :open_mouth:

that was me, Ooops

I’ve seen alot of threads that cover a large gamut on this site. It’s easy to avoid most threads that appear to be boring, I should have known better than to look at this one.

On that note, however, I’d rather look at someone’s development process for shoes or cars or photoshop tips than listen to someone bitch about it.

grrrrr…what topic would you like to discuss that moves this group forward? You know, forward out of the cave, not too far forward that we wear shoes or drive cars, but forward enough to have user interface or materials issues.

Throw us a bone.

guest x (i know, guests suck, but i didn’t have time to make a badass screen name)

i think core has intended discussion groups to be used for focusing on design. but you get your occasional chat on sketching and products a few times during the course of a week!

when people talk about sketching techniques or products it’s really like a flea market of super heros with their sketch pads or columnists with their lap tops driving at an opinion poll.

another issue with design is no matter how fully reflective a discussion you’ll still find more somewhere else. what i mean is that some people might do a thread on a product like a car and go over every detail then next week you’ll find them repeating the same thing over on another car.

if you go to CDN or supercars forums you’ll see how repetative most people are. some defending american cars while others praising european style and still others finding japanese cars practical and cheap.

same with cultural issues.

design becomes just an excuse for a discussion; and a real bad one at that if you indeed think of yourself as a design professional.

who said i was “green,” morons?

hey, one-eyed green dufus looking monster: you suck. and i’m sure your shoe and car designs suck too.

but keeping seeing the world through your one eye. the world will swallow you up as it has every other unthinking, unblinking one-eyed dufus snorting after the $green.

duh, it’s your “job.” so why do IDers always pretend that they are any different/better than 2-bit whores? (or should i say 2000 bit whores?)

guest 2: rock on!